Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What they don't want you to realize

Barak Obama and his ilk are constantly saying that we are less safe now then we were before invading Iraq. That's been a common theme for the anti-war crowd for the last couple of years. According to them, Bush's "arrogant" policy has created more terrorists than if we had stayed out.

I present to you that they are dead wrong. So, disregard the fact that Saddam Huessin, over decades, was systematically killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's. Beyond that, lets just look at whether going to war in Iraq has created more terrorists or not. To do this, we need to go back to December 2003 and review this article from the New York Times. Some of you will remember it, but in case you don't (and don't want to go read the whole thing), it's when we found out that Muammar el-Qaddafi had agreed to give up his WMD program.
  • Libya's actions came after nine months of secret diplomacy, beginning with an overture from Colonel Qaddafi to London and Washington just as the invasion of Iraq was beginning.

He offered up quite a bit of clarification of the WMD's, too:
  • In two trips to Libya, including one earlier this month, American and British intelligence and weapons experts were given a tour of the country's arsenal, reportedly including mustard gas, a World War I-vintage chemical weapon, and materials for making nerve gas and missiles, the latter from North Korea.

Moving to midsummer 2006 and The Sunni's in Anbar Province, Iraq got fed up with Al Qaeda and started fighting against them and negotiating with Coalition for support. Many Awakenings have followed and the movement has spread to most of Iraq. Al Qaeda is presently doggedly trying to hold onto parts of Diyala Province, and some of them attempted to "set up shop" in Northern Iraq. Those are the areas now where Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition troops are performing clear and hold operations. Al Qaeda is making one last stand before being forced to give up Iraq. Some AQI are already showing up in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The exodus begins.

That been going on for the last 18 months or so, now today we have it reported that Al Qaeda is moving on to a softer target, mainly, the UN. From The Bashman over at Pat Dollard is Al Qaeda Now Sets U.N. As Special Target.
  • “Al-Qaeda certainly regards the United Nations as inimical to its own interests,” said Richard Barrett, head of a U.N. team that monitors the effectiveness of U.N. sanctions against al-Qaeda and the Taliban. “The more the United States and other countries protect themselves, the more the battle goes to the softest target, and the U.N. is always going to be a softer target.”

To some of us, this is the predicted outcome if America stands strong in the face of terrorism. We outlasted Al Qaeda by keeping our military in the game, not cutting and running home and the leader of a major terrorist state got the message early on, and closed up shop.


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