Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cool, Another crazy uncle

I had forgotten how much fun Alan Keyes was. If we were to really want to mix things up, we should put out a Keyes/Paul ticket. Man, could we have the independents scratching their heads with that one. I'd really enjoy the debates with the Democrat candidates, too. I couldn't possibly live in either world, but that'd be some good TV.

Anyway, I've done a quick pass on todays Republican debate. Obviously Fred won hands down. Not that I'm in any way biased. He didn't get a lot of time but made the most of it. Fred was Fred and that's what people need to see from him.

The moderator was in "angry school teacher mode" so it was lacking in content on the candidate's positions , but Fred at least backed her down when she wanted to do one of those stupid "show of hands" questions. The question was loaded and couldn't be answered correctly with a show of hands and Fred stood up.

Not that I'm a Fredhead or anything...

If we can't do Keyes/Paul, then I think we have to go back to the dream ticket I came up with in April which is Thompson/Michael Steele.


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