Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday humor

When a woman wears a leather dress, A man's heart beats quicker, and his throat gets dry, he goes weak in the knees, and he begins to think irrationally. Ever wonder why?

The answer


"This could be a real headache..."

Murtha turns. Reid and Pelosi in a "sticky wicket". Pelosi has to be especially ticked off as she was following Murtha's lead on the "get out of Iraq now!" bandwagon. From Captains Quarter's - Dems: Murtha Makes Surrender More Difficult
  • Pelosi, readers will recall, aligns herself closely with Murtha. She had backed Murtha in a power play earlier, to her detriment when he lost. She has tied herself almost completely to his anti-war rhetoric, using his military experience as a shield for Democratic defeatism. His defection on the issue will leave her twisting in the wind.

Victor Davis Hanson has more on the problem the anti-war Democrats have - For the war, then against it, and now for it?
  • They invested in the failure of the surge, having successfully tapped into widespread public unhappiness over the absence of prior clear-cut victory. Some change in their position is now on the horizon and it won’t be the first time Democrats have had to adjust en masse.
The Democrats have to adjust their Iraq stance and the Presidential candidates will have an especially difficult dance ahead of them. The only one that doesn't have anything to adjust is Baghdad Harry Reid as he's already gone down with the "the war is lost" ship.


Michael Yon update

From his latest email:


Just returned from the Iraq-Syria border back to Mosul after an interesting day. The progress in Iraq could not be clearer. I've never seen so much hope among the Iraqis or our soldiers. U.S. officers and senior NCOs caution me to be careful about sounding too optimistic, but the fact is I have never seen so much optimism in Iraq or about Iraq.

I know they are right about their concerns for setting expectations too high; they know many hard times are ahead. But the fact is I have not personally experienced combat in months, Contrast that to times when we might get into fights several times per day and the optimism seems more grounded.

Had dinner today with a powerful Iraqi Sheik and U.S. soldiers. The food was great, but unfortunately some goat brain was lopped onto my plate. Somehow I ate it without incident.

Please click here for an intense story of urban combat. The British make me proud to have gone out with them this year for nearly two months.



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

al-Sistani steps up

From Pat Dollard's site - Iraq’s Top Shiite Cleric Tells Shiites To Protect Sunnis
  • Najaf, Nov 27, (VOI)- Top Shiite Cleric Ali al-Sistani urged Shiites to protect their Sunni brothers and defend them, head of south Iraq’s scholars body said on Tuesday.


Hillary's new problem

Maliki and Bush just signed an agreement this week were we establish permanent bases and have a long term commitment in Iraq. You probably caught that one in the old media. What wasn't reported is how inconvenient this is for Hillary Clinton. This is almost exactly what she has said she would do as president. Now, Obama can denounce it, denounces it in line with him, and Hillary is in an interesting hot seat, don't you think? If she supports it, as has been her clearly stated stance, then she loses out with the moveon group and the Soros money to Obama. If she does what I expect her to do and stays with the far left agenda of Soros, she ends up with zero credibility on the Iraq war.

Yeah, I do like bringing you these reports...


Monday, November 26, 2007


So by not abandoning Iraq like the Democrats have pushed for all year, it's time to look at the repercussions. Many brave American soldiers who believed in the mission are no longer with us. They paid the ultimate price in fighting for Iraqi freedom. Did their sacrifices accomplish anything?

Well, for one, in 2007 alone Al Qaeda worldwide was severely defeated on several major fronts. The biggest loss has to be Iraq. They proclaimed it to be the new caliphate. A new video from The Bashman over at Pat Dollard starts you off (it's The Bashman warning) - Bashman Video: Al Qaeda In Iraq?

Also from Pat Dollard is Al Qaeda Now Begging For Money Publicly
  • A significant evidence for the U.S. successes in this field has recently appeared from an unexpected direction - Al-Qaeda itself.
Now a refresher on how the Democrats have spent all of 2007 trying to win the war for Al Qaeda with their "surge against the surge" from The Weekly Standard - The Stab That Failed
  • The congressional Democrats' surge-against-the-surge -- a case study in political futility.
    by Noemie Emery


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving: Baqubah Update

From Michael Yon - Happy Thanksgiving: Baqubah Update
  • Happy Thanksgiving from Iraq!

    I had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with General Petraeus. Very interesting series of helicopter flights to several bases. Bottom line is that progress is clear and real, but there are tough days ahead and al Qaeda, for instance, is far from dead. The mood is of cautious optimism, with a concern that some of the very positive media lately might set expectations too high. (That’s right: many military leaders are concerned that the media lately might be too positive.)


Thought for Thanksgiving

The holiday was born from a cooperative effort between the native Americans and the colonists. The colonists were unable to grow crops or adequately live off the land. They were dying in large numbers when one native American and his tribe decided to help the colonists by teaching them how to survive. After the colonists learned to grow crops and were no longer threatened with dying off for lack of sustenance, our November holiday was born. The colonists and the native Americans got together in the fall to celebrate the harvest.

Imagine, if you will, that you could go back in time and explain to that one native American what we'd become. Can you imagine the perplexed look on his face as you explain to him what a Democrat would be? "They'll believe in celebrating 'diversity' and will constantly point out to you that your skin color is not the same as someone else's, therefore they will need to treat everyone differently in order to treat everyone equally."


Friday, November 23, 2007

Iraqi heroes

I've said it before that Sheik Sattar will go down in Iraqi history as a hero to his people for turning on Al Qaeda and leading the Anbar Salvation Council to victory. Spree over at Wake up America has the story on more Iraqi heroes - Iraqi Legends are Born
  • In a hundred years, stories of how Iraqi's turned on al-Qaeda and joined forces with Americans will continue to be told to children across Iraq, with each telling, as is want with legends, the story will be exaggerated and the heroics will become more daring and dangerous, but that does not take away from the true heroics and dangers of how the legend was born to begin with.


Dems In Denial

From Pat Dollard - Dems In Denial
  • It does not have the drama of the Inchon landing or the sweep of the Union comeback in the summer of 1864. But the turnabout of American fortunes in Iraq over the last several months is of equal moment — a war seemingly lost, now winnable. The violence in Iraq has been dramatically reduced. Political allegiances have been radically reversed. The revival of ordinary life in many cities is palpable. Something important is happening.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Iraq update, Fred Day

I'll go "bigger brain" for this one in honor of the biggest brain in either room, Fred Thompson. This is going to point you to big picture stuff about the Iraq war.

First there's Victor Davis Hanson over at National Review online - Iraq’s Savage Ironies
  • In the build-up to the invasion, anti-Americanism in Europe reached a near frenzy. It was whipped up by French President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, and evoked warnings of an eternal split in the Atlantic Alliance. If Iraq had proved a catalyst for this expression of near hatred — fueled by long-standing angers and envies — it soon, however, proved to be a catharsis as well.

From Paul Greenburg over at - How Goes the War?
  • The news on the military front in Iraq continues to improve thanks to a new commander's new strategy, aka The Surge, and to the continued courage and competence of the troops entrusted with executing it. At last they seem to have a commander worthy of them. Every wartime president struggles to find his Grant. George W. Bush's may be named Petraeus.

From Ralph Peters over at The New York Post - IRAQ: WHAT WENT RIGHT
  • November 21, 2007 -- THE situation in Iraq has im proved so rapidly that Democrats now shun the topic as thoroughly as they shun our troops when the cameras aren't around.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

National Day of Donations for Fred Thompson 21NOV07

I should have put something up on this long ago, but better late than never. If you are a Fred Thompson supporter (like me) you may have already heard this, but if not, we're having a National Day of Donations for him tomorrow, November 21.

More on it from Wake up America - National Day of Donations for Fred Thompson 21NOV07

Basically, we are making donations from 12:01 A.M. and going for 24 hours so that the donations track for all day on the 21st. If you intend to donate to his campaign, this would be a great day to do it. to quote one Friend of Fred, Grant Lynn -
  • "Above all we must remember WHY we are doing this. This effort is to give Senator Thompson the Thanksgiving Present he deserves. It’s not the money, it’s him seeing we appreciate the sacrifices he and his family are giving to do this. THAT’S the best Thanksgiving Present we can give him."
I agree wholeheartedly.


The Iraq war and the MSM coverage

The Democrats are still turning a blind eye to all the success happening in Iraq, but their main ally, the main stream media seem to be taking notice. They're only 6 months or so behind the times, but bravo to them for finally noticing the great things happening.

Fred Barnes at The Weekly Standard has good article up about it called Herd Journalism, Iraq Edition
  • I think it was that great Democratic wit Gene McCarthy who described journalists and reporters as blackbirds on a telephone wire. When one flies to the telephone wire across the street, they all do.

Democrat debate insight

Even though I suffered my way through the debate in Vegas I didn't really provide you with much insight on the candidates and their positions. Sorry about that, it's just that I can't suspend my disbelief long enough to actually listen to any of them yahoos.

Dennis Prager over at apparently can though. He has a great article up that attempts to explain the different, varying positions. America, Here Are Your Democratic Presidential Candidates
  • If you want to know what the Democratic presidential candidates and the Democratic Party believe, the debates, often derided as intellectually inconsequential, reveal a great deal. The problem is that news media almost never report the most important statements the candidates make. Here then are some of those statements from the most recent debate, followed by a comment on their significance.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Iraq update November 19, 2007

From The Thunder Run - Soldier Re-Enlists Hours After IED Injury
From RCP - Looking at Iraq in Macro-time
  • When my father returned from service as an Army doctor in Korea in 1953, he brought back slides of the photos he'd shot, showing a war-torn country of incredible poverty. We would have laughed if you had told us that Americans would one day buy Korean cars.
From Captain's Quarters - More Ecumenical Cooperation In Baghdad
  • The Los Angeles Times reports more good news coming from Iraq, and this time they focus on Baghdad. The ground-up reconciliation started by Sunni sheikhs in Anbar has spread to the capital, and now it includes Shi'ites as well.

We need our people out now!

After nine years, the Democrats should be yelling and screaming about getting us out of Kosovo, don't ya think? Instead of trying to force us to surrender in Iraq, they should put some effort into an area we've been in much longer and is truly a quagmire. From Captain's Quarters - The Quagmire Continues
  • Almost nine years ago, the United Nations sent a military force to take over the administration of Kosovo from Serbia, of which it had been a part, on and off, for centuries and continuously for decades, Having kicked out the Serbian government from its province, the UN and the international community gave Kosovo a de facto recognition as its own political entity -- and for almost nine years, they have pretended they did no such thing.

Iraq is a quagmire

What's important is to understand who it's a quagmire for. From The Bashman over at Pat Dollard's - It’s True: Iraq Is A Quaqmire…For Al Qaeda
  • “The most important and serious issue today for the whole world is this third world war, which the Crusader-Zionist coalition began against the Islamic nation,” Osama bin Laden said in an audiotape posted on Islamic Web sites in December 2004. “It is raging in the land of the Two Rivers. The world’s millstone and pillar is Baghdad, the capital of the caliphate.”
    Rich Lowry: “The United States may be the only country in world history that reverse-propagandizes itself, magnifying its setbacks and ignoring its successes so that nothing can disturb what Sen. Joe Lieberman calls the ‘narrative of defeat’”…

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Iraq update November 17, 2007

First off, Omar over at Iraq the Model has one - Troops and locals stop twenty car bombs from reaching the streets of Baghdad. Also, Omar and Mohammed have just celebrated their blog's 4 year anniversary.
  • Yesterday a joint US-Iraqi force with help from local anti-al-Qaeda awakening fighters in the Adhamiyah district in northeastern Baghdad found and disarmed more than 20 vehicles rigged as VBIEDs in a parking lot.

An update on the politics of Iraq via MNF-I - Gates, Mullen Discuss Progress, Future Objectives for Iraqi, Coalition Forces. The important bit is:
  • “There have been some positive developments in the political arena, (but) they have not been on the benchmark legislation,” Gates continued. “They have passed a slew of other legislation.”

Improvement in Baghdad via MNF-I - Market Thriving, Economy Improving in Baghdad Neighborhood
  • BAGHDAD — Only seven months ago the Sugasimche (Fish Market) area in the Raabi neighborhood of the Adhamiyah district was filled with a violent, criminal element that struck fear into residents who didn’t feel safe to walk the streets.
Al Qaeda getting taken out (from MNF-I) over the last couple of days here, here, here, here, here, and here.

And lastly, over at Small Wars Journal blogs there is a plan that addresses the Iran problem inside Iraq. It's a good read if you have the time. Confronting Iran Securing Iraq’s Border: An Irregular Warfare Concept

News bucket

Wolf Blitzer apparently played the stooge for Hillary at the debate Thursday night well enough that the Hillary camp patted him on the head and said "good boy" on Friday. He better find a new name cuz a Wolf he ain't.

Baghdad Harry is playing politics with the funds for our troops again. From A Second Hand Conjecture - Sen. Reid Vows Defeat In Iraq
  • As the situation on the ground in Iraq continues to brighten, and a light begins to appear at the end of the war tunnel, is it the brightest thing in the world to starve the military at this juncture? Anti-war Democrats constantly harp on how Pres. Bush has “broken” the military. Do they feel any responsibility when they pull purely political stunts like this? I’m guessing not.

From Bill Roggio over at The Long War Journal - Sunni clerics turn on Association of Muslim Scholars
  • Wednesday's closure of the headquarters of the Association of Muslim Scholars at the Umm al Quraa mosque marks a dramatic shift in the Sunni religious establishment. A prominent Sunni cleric said the Association of Muslim Scholars "always justified killing and assassinations carried out by al Qaeda."
A major operation against Al Qaeda southwest of Baghdad kicked off yesterday called Marne Courageous which involves 600 coalition forces and Iraq Army soldiers. From Multi-National Forces - Iraq is 500-Pound Bombs Slam al-Qaida Staging Area on Euphrates Island

MNF-I has a story up about St. John's, but they should have checked their facts against Michael Yon's accounting of it. Sounds like they have it mostly right though. They did miss the fact that Yon noted about it being Christians along with Muslims that restored the cross to the top of St. Johns. They have it as just Christians. Since Michael Yon was there taking pictures and talking to those involved, I'll take his word for it. Iraqi Christians Return to Worship in St. John’s Church

Friday, November 16, 2007

Yon's latest dispatch

I've got several things to point you too (and voice opinion on) tonight, but for starters you need to check out Michael Yon's latest dispatch called Come Home. It's an amazing pictorial of St. John's church in Baghdad (of his previous great photo) filled with Muslims attending a service and asking their Christian neighbors that have fled to "Come Home". It'll move ya...

After that go over to Captains Quarters where Ed Morrissey has more on it - Iraqis To Christians: Come Home

I'll do a news bucket later for the other, less important stuff.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Debate Wrap up

Damn it, where was the question from Robert Jones who lives in Henderson...

Unnecessary pain inflicted. Anyway, since I had to endure it, I'll give some final thoughts.

I truly think George W. Bush is in trouble. He just might not get re-elected...

No answers given except for the Clinton campaign pushed question of where they all stand on giving illegal aliens getting drivers licenses. The Clinton News Network suckered Obama in on that one and got him to say he believes in it. Obama loses.

Biden probably wins the debate. He seems to me to be the only one that has any clue on anything. Seems to come from the heart and no one else did. I need to go see if there's more beer...

"Debate" update

Just dawned on me that they could make this a whole lot shorter if they just stop this part:

"What do you think about this administration's handling of...."

"It's a disaster"...

That's the theme. Just put up a friggin poster and lets moveon!


Dang. I've got to pay some attention to this Democrat debate in Las Vegas because I have a close liberal friend who might be there to ask a question. This is truly painful though.

It's somewhat less painful with beer, so now that I've got on top of the pain, I'll share some observations:

How did that kid from the "Back to the Future" get in there? Nice haircut though...

Dang, Blitzer and CO are heeding their orders from the Clinton machine and laying off. Where's the fun in that? Well, at least he's attacked Obama.

Bad news... Blitzer says they will all get plenty of time to talk and I'm not sure I have that much beer on hand...

"Our strength of America is in our values".... Now that's funny coming from this group.

Ah, enlightenment moment. The problem is we haven't ridded the world of nuclear arms. They let me down by not pointing out that you can't "hug" with them.

Alright, this is how it's going to go so I won't bore you with more.... at least for now...

Let me know when we're upside down

The world is so out of whack right now I'm pretty sure I'm not going to know.

Let's start with the school systems that are up in arms about hugs. Yeah, that's not PC. Of course this is the same school system that has schools that believe they should give out birth control and condoms to eleven year olds. So, sex is just fine, but dang it, those kids better not show any affection to one another...

Moving on we have the city of Fort Collins, Colorado who feel the need to push for "Christmas" lights in old town that are only white, and "unadorned" green wreathes to celebrate Christmas. Wouldn't want to offend any other religions, no matter if they have a holiday then or not. The goal is, believe it or not, to make it more inclusive. They're apparently not noticing the fact that it has exactly the opposite effect.

It looks like the city of Boulder, Colorado has "lib envy" and they've now, in an effort evidently aimed at retaking the crown of "most idiotic liberal agenda driven city", decided to drop the valedictorian from their system as the dumb kids will be offended.

I have to believe that the lunacy will end someday, but I have serious doubts.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Iraq victory

More commentary on the subject. Looks like the idea is being picked up on all over.

From Tom Blankley at The Washington Times - Victory in Iraq
  • It has become obligatory for both pro- and antiwar commentators to never mention the possibility of victory in Iraq. The most that antiwar people will admit is that the surge has gained a temporary military advantage in a war that cannot be won militarily. The most pro-war commentators will claim is that they see the possibility of "success" perhaps, maybe, someday, somehow.

From Rich Lowry at National Review Online - Quiet Victory
  • Forget the briefings from generals, the intelligence evaluations and the Pentagon status reports. There is a handy indicator for whether the war in Iraq is going well — its relative absence from the front pages.

News bucket

From Jules Crittenden via The Thunder Run - Trend Indisputable
  • Anti-war Bush-bashing news agency cries uncle. Sort of:
A little humor courtesy of OpFor - No, You Divert Your Course

From Newsbusters we have an obscure fringe scientific group of apparent global warming deniers. You might of heard of them. They call themselves NASA -NASA Debunks Part of Global Warming Myth, Will Media Report It?
  • Is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration filled with climate change deniers?

From Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters - It's Wednesday, So We Must Have A New Position
  • First she sounded sympathetic to the idea during a televised debate, and within moments had refused to endorse it. Afterwards, she changed her mind and endorsed it. Now today, after Governor Eliot Spitzer shelved a plan to issue New York drivers licenses to illegal aliens, Hillary Clinton shifted her position yet again to oppose the idea entirely:

Is it just me or is the time frame on this about what you would think it would take to form a "focus group" and review the data to determine where you should stand on an issue? And, if that's the case, how will that work out for a Commander in Chief?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another view from Iraq

From Iraqpundit - Uncommonly Good
  • Visitors to the Iraq story often make me laugh. Journalists bring their own interpretations to the story before they observe anything. When Iraqis tell them something, they ignore us. The outsiders then zero in on something and proudly call it a unique observation.

Iraq update November 13, 2007

From Bill Roggio over at The Long War Journal - Operation Iron Hammer targets al Qaeda in Iraq’s north
  • Iraqi Security Forces maintain pressure on al Qaeda’s network in the northern provinces, where violence has increased. Over 200 insurgents have been detained in latest sweep.
Also From Bill Roggio - Targeting al Qaeda in Iraq's network
  • Operations against al Qaeda's network in Iraq have netted 45 senior leaders including two of al Masri's bodyguards and the emir of Diyala province. Al Qaeda is attempting to regroup in the north.
From MNF-I - Iraqi Troops to Take the Lead in Diyala Security Operations
  • BAQUBA — After three months of close mentorship with an advisory team from the U.S. Army’s 25th Infantry Division, the Diyala Operations Command has been validated to take the lead on security operations within Diyala province, just north of Baghdad.
Also from MNF-I - Sunni, Shia, Iraqi Army Leaders Meet on Neutral Ground
  • CAMP STRIKER — More than a dozen sheiks and other influential leaders from southern Baghdad congregated on neutral territory Nov. 10 here on Camp Striker.

More info on the Victory in Iraq

More information you need for the victory in Iraq discussion, if you are into that sort of thing.

From Mohammed over at Iraq the Model is this - Baath Holds The White Flag
  • The formation of a so called political council for Iraqi resistance was met by different reactions from the public and the politicians who are now divided into proponents and opponents. Whereas the Accord Front called for mediation between the council and the government some parties in the UIA see that the council cannot be negotiated with and declared it a continuation of the former regime.
Mohammed is an Iraqi living in Baghdad so he has some local insight which is invaluable for these discussions.

The answers

I've had discussions before with family and friends regarding the reasoning behind going to war in Iraq, and I'm sure most of you have too. You don't get too far into the debate and then they bail on it with that "what about those WMD's?". I've had that followed with the condescending laugh, even. Well, at The New Media Journal, Scott Malensek has a comprehensive article regarding the whole discussion. I'm sure the anti war crowd would have no interest and would just proclaim it as "just his opinion". It's not though as he refers to documented facts (and points you to them) while analyzing. Scott refers quite a bit to the report filed by the Iraq Study Group and their findings are not exactly what the liberal media reported. They cherry picked what they wanted out of that report the same way they cherry picked the 911 commissions report. I've seriously had a friend tell me that the 911 commission didn't say anything had been done wrong by the Clinton administration. The guy swore he had read the report also.

Anyway, a great read on the Iraq war debate from The New Media Journal via Victory Caucus - What If Iraq Was Never Invaded?
  • The Iraq War is the debate of the new millennium. Five years after the fact, people should be able to look at the decision to invade more as a matter of history than through political partisanship. That’s certainly not always the case, but as more time passes the clarity and focus of hindsight increases. First and foremost, one thing is clear: the debate over the decision to invade is over. Saddam’s regime was invaded, removed, and the decision was made. Now, the debate is not what to DO in terms of Saddam’s regime, but what could have been DONE (the so-called “coulda-should-woulda” discussion).

He covers all the options available to us at the time and evaluates what happens under each option. There's also valuable information you may not have known. It's a long but worthwhile read. Come back to if you don't have the time now.

Monday, November 12, 2007

An omen or merely symbolism

If a presidential candidate had American flags falling, for no apparent reason, after she was finishing a speech, would that be an ominous sign?

From Pat Dollard - Video: U.S. Flags Crash Down On Hillary On Vets Day

Iraq update November 12, 2007

The first two are links courtesy of The Dawn Patrol over at The Mudville Gazette.

First from the Rutland, VT. Herald here's an update on the Sheiks from the Anbar Awakening that are wrapping up their two week visit to the United States - Iraqi leaders thank Vt. soldiers for support
  • NORTHFIELD — An eight-member delegation of high-ranking Iraqi officials began to chuckle as they toured the Norwich University museum Thursday.
Next is from IraqPundit - Afraid of a Slowly Improving Iraq
  • At the risk of scaring some people, the British Observer newspaper reports that students are returning to class in Baghdad:
And the hits to Al Qaeda just keep coming here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. That just goes back to Saturday, but you get the picture...

Weapons cache's found here, here, here, here, here, and here. Same time frame. Progress is really starting to roll along.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The war is won debate

Greyhawk over at The Mudville Gazette has a good read up called Chatter (and numbers that matter)
  • Or: "How the War was Won (Part one)"

It's always good to get input from someone who's actually there and sees what's going on.

Kimberly Kagan over at The Weekly Standard has all the details on how the war was won in How They Did It . It's a long read but she pretty much covers every aspect of the strategy Petreaus has used this year to provide the security needed for the Iraq political climate to sort out.
  • The surge of operations that American and Iraqi forces began on June 15 has dramatically improved security in Baghdad and throughout Iraq. U.S. commanders and soldiers have reversed the negative trends of 2006, some of which date back to 2005.

Iraq update November 10, 2007

Deebow over at BlackFive has this great read - The Surge Isn't working! There is no light at the end of the tunnel! The War is Lost!!

From MNF-I - 30 Sunni And Shiite Tribes Form Major New Alliance Against Al Qaeda
  • CAMP STRIKER — A short-notice reconciliation meeting of regional sheiks with potential for impact throughout Iraq was held Nov. 8 in Al Bassam, an area approximately 16 kilometers west of Baghdad city center.
Also from MNF-I - Marne commander sees progress in Hawr Rajab
  • HAWR RAJAB, Iraq – Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, 3rd Infantry Division commanding general, walked the streets of Hawr Rajab Nov. 7 to see the progress achieved in the city’s security. Four months ago, any U.S. Soldier or Iraqi Army Solider walking the streets would have likely sparked a battle, as the city was under the control of al-Qaeda and the streets were lined with improvised explosive devices.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Feel like a little activism?

In regards to Michael Yon's Thanks and Praise. The photo and accompanying article are making the rounds on the internet, but where the photo really needs to be seen is in your local newspaper. I haven't seen anyone champion this yet, but according to Michael Yon's email regarding its use, they are welcome to use it anytime between November 8, 2007 and November 15, 2007 free of charge.

If you agree then here's what I propose we do. Email your local paper's news department (my area it's and give them the link to the story -

Also, I'd recommend we give a little background. Yon is ex special forces and has been covering Iraq off and on since 2004 as an independent embedded reporter. They can get more on the man at his website, too.

There's an email link for them to contact who can set them up to use the story at the link.

Make sure to include the License Terms which you can cut from here.

License terms:

Michael Yon owns all rights, including copyright, in the photograph titled Thanks and Praise. He is authorizing one time nonexclusive use of it, for news purposes only, in print publications and in cable and television news broadcasts for a one week period between November 8, 2007 and November 15, 2007. He requires no compensation for this one time permission to reproduce, display and broadcast this photograph. He does require that his copyright notice remain on the photograph and that any use contain a prominent reference to his website [] Use of the photograph and caption in languages other than English must include the English language caption that accompanies the photograph on Michael Yon's website ( Email notification of the use, to include a link to any online use, should be sent to either of the email addresses below. Print uses must make a tear sheet available to Michael Yon upon request. To request high resolution copies of the photograph, or to provide notification of use, please email us here: or

Might not hurt to include the link to his Resistance is Futile post as that has information on how they can print more of his dispatches.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Joe Lieberman speech

Once again I'll send you over to Wake up America where spree has put the time and effort into the story. I'm lazy that way... Thanks spree.

The Politics of National Security-- Joe Lieberman
  • Joseph Lieberman pulls no punches in his speech at the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.
There's more too, as she ties in Steny Hoyer's comments on the surge being successful and the ramifications to Nancy Pelosi's far left faction in Congress and that it could mean a break away by the Blue Dogs.

Odds and Ends

Several reads that don't fit under any one particular heading.

It will be glossed over, I'm sure, but Bush is continuing his diplomatic pressure on Iran. This is what the left ignored prior to the Iraq war, and I'm sure they'll ignore it now. All the while complaining that he needs to "up" the diplomatic pressure. Just for record though, he's putting the heat on. From Pat Dollard - Washington Tells EU Firms: Quit Iran Now
  • Multinational companies are coming under increasing pressure from the US to stop doing business with Iran because of its nuclear programme.
Proving that no bad idea need be left behind, Pelosi has started up another surrender bill. Despite the obvious fact (to anyone with half a brain) that if we pull out at this point, Al Qaeda races Iran to move in and take over Iraq. Again from Pat Dollard - Pelosi Says No Money For Troops Unless Bush Starts Immediate Withdrawal
  • And she also wants Congress to take control of combat operations by limiting the troops to a set of missions she approves of.
Okay, maybe the "half a brain" part is the hangup.

Deebow over at BlackFive has - Congressman David Obey is an idiot...
  • But wait a minute, isn't this the party that said all of our soldiers were just targets in a big civil war?
From Real Clear Politics - All Pols Waffle -- Hillary is Just Bad At It

Iraq update November 8, 2007

I keep forgetting that the MSM isn't reporting on Iraq as it's not bad news, so I better get you caught up some.

Al Qaeda getting their asses kicked here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Special groups getting their asses kicked here and here.

Al Qaeda trying to join Iraqi police and gets busted by the local Iraqi's here.

There's tons more, but I'm not sure how much time you guys have to surf, so I'll leave you with something Al Qaeda's allies in our Government aren't clued into and that's Why the violence has declined in Iraq by Bill Ardolino over at The Long War Journal.

Twisted Logic

The Democrats are somewhat facing reality on the Iraq war situation and they find themselves having to admit things are improving. Everyone paying attention knows the Iraq situation is improving. They real strangeness comes in when they still try to apply their logic to it while attempting to convince the sheeple that they're the answer and Bush is still evil. It'd be funny if they didn't defame our troops while doing it.

First there was Congressman Obey earlier in the week stating that violence was down because we've killed everybody. From Redstate - Congressman Obey RE surge: violence down because ‘We’ve run out of people to kill’

Now, it's Baghdad Harry's turn. He says it's due to the enemy's successes. Also from Redstate - Harry Reid Finds Success in Iraq
  • On the floor of the Senate Tuesday, during leadership time, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Searchlight) made a statement on the occasion of the year 2007 becoming the deadliest year for US troops since the Iraq War began. One might find this an odd cause for recognition on the floor of the Senate, but not Sen. Reid. For him, the sacrifices of our brave troops provided an opportunity to both score political points against the war and, perhaps more importantly, denigrate the successes they are achieving every day as part of the troop surge.
That's real classy ain't it? It's a failure because it was successful, I believe is the twisted logic applied here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sarkozy speech

Spree over at Wake up America covers Sarkozy Addresses Congress

I'll just tease you with a quote from spree that is dead on:

This man loves America more than some American born do and THAT is the pity of America and the greatness of Sarkozy.

It's a long but worthwhile read.

Wonder if any of them had to willingly suspend their disbelief.

Iraq update November 7, 2007

From IraqPundit via The Thunder Run - When Good News Is Bad News
  • While the following good news stories may come as a great disappointment to many people, we Iraqis welcome the developments:
A short one from Michael Yon - Thanks and Praise * UPDATE * If you remember the link I posted before about the photo of the Iraq war that Yon has, this new one contains another Iconic photo that might be just as powerful.
  • Thanks and Praise: I photographed men and women, both Christians and Muslims, placing a cross atop the St. John’s Church in Baghdad. They had taken the cross from storage and a man washed it before carrying it up to the dome.
From Reuters via The Victory Caucus - Drop in Baghdad violence sustainable: general
  • BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A reduction in violence in Baghdad over the past few months represents a sustainable trend that will allow fewer U.S. troops to protect the Iraqi capital, a top American general said on Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thaaat's gonna leave a mark...

...maybe two.

I'll see if I can segue through this correctly. Let's start with the Democrat position on the Iraq war. Those who still have political aspirations are faced with a dilemma. They are still on the "pull out of Iraq now" bandwagon, pandering to the far left base, but the situation in Iraq has dynamically changed and that's the wrong place to be. They can linger there for awhile longer, but adjustments have to be made or they lose big time in the general election next year.

Add to that the fact that they've also married up to the amnesty for illegal aliens including that brilliant idea of giving illegal aliens a drivers license, and the fact that 77% of Americans are against it, and you see just how untenable their positions are. This is covered very well in a post by Douglas MacKinnon over at - Illegal Aliens Have Already Elected The Next President Of The United States
  • You can see it. You can hear it. You can feel its immense power even though it is still a year away.

    The “it,” is the perfect storm brewing against the eventual Democratic nominee for president. A storm being fueled by the dual forces of illegal immigration and the war in Iraq.

Next we have a very incompetent Democrat leadership muffing the AG nomination of Mukasey. As Ed Morrisey points out over at Captains Quarters - Democrats Hand Their Victory To Bush
  • The Senate Judiciary Panel reported Michael Mukasey's nomination to the full Senate today, recommending confirmation by an 11-8 vote. Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein voted to support Mukasey, as announced earlier, all but guaranteeing his confirmation on the floor of the Senate later this month. The opposition of the other Democrats transformed what had been a victory for them into another triumph for the White House:

And, to prove it's their nature to screw stuff up, today they tried a political stunt that backfired big time, and had them scrambling. From The Weekly Standard - Dems Outmaneuvered on Impeachment (Updated)
  • It's interesting that on such a weighty question as impeaching the vice president of the United States, votes can change so quickly. While the roll calls are not yet available, it seems there were plenty of Democrats who voted to go forward with impeachment when they thought it would fail, who suddenly voted against impeachment when it mattered. I guess it was all just about politics after all -- even for the supposed 'true believers.'

That's some funny stuff there, I don't care who ya are...

Al Qaeda in Iraq on the run

From MNF-I - Al-Qaida on the Run in Iraq, Coalition Spokesman Says
  • "We've taken out a significant part of their leadership. We've gone after their foreign fighter facilitation network. We've gone after their financial networks. And ... we also have gone after, very heavily, their propaganda network," said Navy Rear Adm. Gregory J. Smith, spokesman for Multi-National Force - Iraq, via telephone to a group of military analysts.

Monday, November 5, 2007

American Heroes

Jeff Emanuel has a great read about 4 American soldiers you need to take the time to read. "The Longest Morning": The story of Heroism, Courage, and Loss in the Face of Impossible Odds
  • Six weeks ago in the Iraqi city of Samarra, four paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division became the object of a pre-planned, coordinated effort by dozens of al Qaeda to kidnap and slaughter American soldiers only days before General Petraeus's internationally televised testimony to the U.S. Congress on the state of the war in Iraq. Only two survived -- but, fighting like heroes, they succeeded in preserving the honor of their nation.

    This is their story.

People returning to Iraq

Great news from Sister Toldjah - 3,000 Iraqi families return to safer Baghdad
  • The AP reports that thousands of Baghdad residents have returned to their much safer city
Link courtesy of The Tank.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Iraq update November 4, 2007

News of the PKK from Pat Dollard - PKK Fleeing To Iran In Advance Of Turkish Attack
  • Turkish Kurd guerrillas are leaving Iraqi Kurdistan for Iran in order to avoid an attack by the Turkish army according to a former leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK.

A couple from MNF-I regarding Al Qaeda in Iraq losing - One killed, eight detained as Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda operations
  • BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed one terrorist, wounded one and detained eight suspects during operations Saturday and Sunday targeting al-Qaeda networks in central and northern Iraq.

And Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda networks; one killed, 23 detained
  • BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed one terrorist and detained 23 suspects during four coordinated operations Sunday targeting al-Qaeda networks in central Iraq.

Also from MNF-I regarding another sheik forming a concerned citizens group - Sheik Takes Steps to Create Concerned Local Citizens Group
  • FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER — Sheik Vin Jan, a key figure in the Vin Jan village, recently took the first steps toward building a Concerned Local Citizens (CLC) group in his village.
And lastly, from The Daily Standard - The Real Iraqi Miracle
  • IN THE FACE OF MEDIA indifference, the facts on the ground in Iraq have changed--dramatically and for the better. The deaths of Iraqi civilians over the past two months have declined precipitously.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Iraq tipping point

When the Iraqi's won the Asia cup soccer tournament I called that the tipping point. I thought Iraqi reconciliation would shortly follow. Didn't happen.

A month and a half ago, Sheik Sattar was murdered by Al Qaeda. In that month and a half a ton of things have changed.

Tipping point?

From the looks of things, that just might be it. Sheik Sattar accomplished amazing things when he was alive, and maybe the impossible in his death.

Iraq update November 3, 2007

See, it's these kind of things that are going to force the Democrat presidential candidates to modify their Iraq stances. It'll be real enjoyable watching Edwards and Clinton, but Obama will have it easier as it'll be the first change in stance for him and he can paint it as a decision based on the change in the situation. Unless he is dumb enough to steadfastly stick to the losing side.

From Pat Dollard - Thousands Of Iraqis Moving Back To Baghdad
  • BAGHDAD- In a dramatic turnaround, more than 3,000 Iraqi families driven out of their Baghdad neighborhoods have returned to their homes in the past three months as sectarian violence has dropped, the government said Saturday.

Also from Pat Dollard - The High Life Returns To Baghdad
  • Smoking hookah pipes and drinking beer, Sarmad Ali joked and gossiped long into the night with a group of friends in Baghdad – a luxury they could not enjoy a few months ago because of the violence.

From MNF-I - Economic Revival Stimulating Baghdad’s Doura Region
  • BAGHDAD — Bullet holes attest to the battleground that was this two-block portion of Doura. Just a few months ago, the residents were afraid to step outside, leaving their neighborhood riddled with garbage, without power and most of their shops closed.
From MNF-I - Iraqi Army, Volunteers, Cavalry Troops Celebrate Success in Ameriya
  • BAGHDAD — Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, recently hosted a social gathering, including a cookout and soccer tournament, for Iraqi Army (IA) troops and a volunteer group from Ameriya, a neighborhood in the Mansour district of western Baghdad.
The Democrat presidential candidates can probably hold out a little longer as this stuff isn't reported by the MSM, but as soon as the MSM picks up on it, their hands will be forced. It's possible they will try and discount this kind of great news and say that the Iraqi politics are a failure and therefore we must still leave, but that one will be hard to sell to the "normal" American people, I would think.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Democrat flip flop prediction by Rudy

Rudy Giuliani earlier this week brought up a real good point about Edwards and Clinton. He said that they were due to flop back over on their Iraq opinions. Considering how well it's going, I'm thinking he's probably right. It does them no good politically to sink with Harry Reid on the "war is lost" ship. Even with the MSM doing them every favor possible by not reporting what's going on there, enough of the information is leaking through into people's homes. New media like we use, and even spotty instances of it in the old media. Within a few months and barring no major setbacks, the word will be out and anyone at that point standing on deck with Harry Reid will be looking pretty pitiful. Great call by Rudy to point this out beforehand. It forces both of them to stand on their positions longer than they might want.

I've seen no response from either Edward's or Clinton's camps on this, so that should tell you they know it too.

Al Qaeda in Iraq

Just a quick post to point you over to Michael Yon's website to Iraqi Islamic Party says, “Al Qaeda is Defeated.”
  • “Al Qaeda in Iraq is defeated,” according to Sheik Omar Jabouri, spokesman for the Iraqi Islamic Party and a member of the widespread and influential Jabouri Tribe. Speaking through an interpreter at a 31 October meeting at the Iraqi Islamic Party headquarters in downtown Baghdad, Sheik Omar said that al Qaeda had been “defeated mentally, and therefore is defeated physically,” referring to how clear it has become that the terrorist group’s tactics have backfired.