Monday, November 26, 2007


So by not abandoning Iraq like the Democrats have pushed for all year, it's time to look at the repercussions. Many brave American soldiers who believed in the mission are no longer with us. They paid the ultimate price in fighting for Iraqi freedom. Did their sacrifices accomplish anything?

Well, for one, in 2007 alone Al Qaeda worldwide was severely defeated on several major fronts. The biggest loss has to be Iraq. They proclaimed it to be the new caliphate. A new video from The Bashman over at Pat Dollard starts you off (it's The Bashman warning) - Bashman Video: Al Qaeda In Iraq?

Also from Pat Dollard is Al Qaeda Now Begging For Money Publicly
  • A significant evidence for the U.S. successes in this field has recently appeared from an unexpected direction - Al-Qaeda itself.
Now a refresher on how the Democrats have spent all of 2007 trying to win the war for Al Qaeda with their "surge against the surge" from The Weekly Standard - The Stab That Failed
  • The congressional Democrats' surge-against-the-surge -- a case study in political futility.
    by Noemie Emery


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