Saturday, November 17, 2007

News bucket

Wolf Blitzer apparently played the stooge for Hillary at the debate Thursday night well enough that the Hillary camp patted him on the head and said "good boy" on Friday. He better find a new name cuz a Wolf he ain't.

Baghdad Harry is playing politics with the funds for our troops again. From A Second Hand Conjecture - Sen. Reid Vows Defeat In Iraq
  • As the situation on the ground in Iraq continues to brighten, and a light begins to appear at the end of the war tunnel, is it the brightest thing in the world to starve the military at this juncture? Anti-war Democrats constantly harp on how Pres. Bush has “broken” the military. Do they feel any responsibility when they pull purely political stunts like this? I’m guessing not.

From Bill Roggio over at The Long War Journal - Sunni clerics turn on Association of Muslim Scholars
  • Wednesday's closure of the headquarters of the Association of Muslim Scholars at the Umm al Quraa mosque marks a dramatic shift in the Sunni religious establishment. A prominent Sunni cleric said the Association of Muslim Scholars "always justified killing and assassinations carried out by al Qaeda."
A major operation against Al Qaeda southwest of Baghdad kicked off yesterday called Marne Courageous which involves 600 coalition forces and Iraq Army soldiers. From Multi-National Forces - Iraq is 500-Pound Bombs Slam al-Qaida Staging Area on Euphrates Island

MNF-I has a story up about St. John's, but they should have checked their facts against Michael Yon's accounting of it. Sounds like they have it mostly right though. They did miss the fact that Yon noted about it being Christians along with Muslims that restored the cross to the top of St. Johns. They have it as just Christians. Since Michael Yon was there taking pictures and talking to those involved, I'll take his word for it. Iraqi Christians Return to Worship in St. John’s Church

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