Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let me know when we're upside down

The world is so out of whack right now I'm pretty sure I'm not going to know.

Let's start with the school systems that are up in arms about hugs. Yeah, that's not PC. Of course this is the same school system that has schools that believe they should give out birth control and condoms to eleven year olds. So, sex is just fine, but dang it, those kids better not show any affection to one another...

Moving on we have the city of Fort Collins, Colorado who feel the need to push for "Christmas" lights in old town that are only white, and "unadorned" green wreathes to celebrate Christmas. Wouldn't want to offend any other religions, no matter if they have a holiday then or not. The goal is, believe it or not, to make it more inclusive. They're apparently not noticing the fact that it has exactly the opposite effect.

It looks like the city of Boulder, Colorado has "lib envy" and they've now, in an effort evidently aimed at retaking the crown of "most idiotic liberal agenda driven city", decided to drop the valedictorian from their system as the dumb kids will be offended.

I have to believe that the lunacy will end someday, but I have serious doubts.

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