Thursday, November 1, 2007

Democrat flip flop prediction by Rudy

Rudy Giuliani earlier this week brought up a real good point about Edwards and Clinton. He said that they were due to flop back over on their Iraq opinions. Considering how well it's going, I'm thinking he's probably right. It does them no good politically to sink with Harry Reid on the "war is lost" ship. Even with the MSM doing them every favor possible by not reporting what's going on there, enough of the information is leaking through into people's homes. New media like we use, and even spotty instances of it in the old media. Within a few months and barring no major setbacks, the word will be out and anyone at that point standing on deck with Harry Reid will be looking pretty pitiful. Great call by Rudy to point this out beforehand. It forces both of them to stand on their positions longer than they might want.

I've seen no response from either Edward's or Clinton's camps on this, so that should tell you they know it too.

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