Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Iraq update November 13, 2007

From Bill Roggio over at The Long War Journal - Operation Iron Hammer targets al Qaeda in Iraq’s north
  • Iraqi Security Forces maintain pressure on al Qaeda’s network in the northern provinces, where violence has increased. Over 200 insurgents have been detained in latest sweep.
Also From Bill Roggio - Targeting al Qaeda in Iraq's network
  • Operations against al Qaeda's network in Iraq have netted 45 senior leaders including two of al Masri's bodyguards and the emir of Diyala province. Al Qaeda is attempting to regroup in the north.
From MNF-I - Iraqi Troops to Take the Lead in Diyala Security Operations
  • BAQUBA — After three months of close mentorship with an advisory team from the U.S. Army’s 25th Infantry Division, the Diyala Operations Command has been validated to take the lead on security operations within Diyala province, just north of Baghdad.
Also from MNF-I - Sunni, Shia, Iraqi Army Leaders Meet on Neutral Ground
  • CAMP STRIKER — More than a dozen sheiks and other influential leaders from southern Baghdad congregated on neutral territory Nov. 10 here on Camp Striker.

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