Thursday, November 8, 2007

Odds and Ends

Several reads that don't fit under any one particular heading.

It will be glossed over, I'm sure, but Bush is continuing his diplomatic pressure on Iran. This is what the left ignored prior to the Iraq war, and I'm sure they'll ignore it now. All the while complaining that he needs to "up" the diplomatic pressure. Just for record though, he's putting the heat on. From Pat Dollard - Washington Tells EU Firms: Quit Iran Now
  • Multinational companies are coming under increasing pressure from the US to stop doing business with Iran because of its nuclear programme.
Proving that no bad idea need be left behind, Pelosi has started up another surrender bill. Despite the obvious fact (to anyone with half a brain) that if we pull out at this point, Al Qaeda races Iran to move in and take over Iraq. Again from Pat Dollard - Pelosi Says No Money For Troops Unless Bush Starts Immediate Withdrawal
  • And she also wants Congress to take control of combat operations by limiting the troops to a set of missions she approves of.
Okay, maybe the "half a brain" part is the hangup.

Deebow over at BlackFive has - Congressman David Obey is an idiot...
  • But wait a minute, isn't this the party that said all of our soldiers were just targets in a big civil war?
From Real Clear Politics - All Pols Waffle -- Hillary is Just Bad At It

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