Friday, November 30, 2007

"This could be a real headache..."

Murtha turns. Reid and Pelosi in a "sticky wicket". Pelosi has to be especially ticked off as she was following Murtha's lead on the "get out of Iraq now!" bandwagon. From Captains Quarter's - Dems: Murtha Makes Surrender More Difficult
  • Pelosi, readers will recall, aligns herself closely with Murtha. She had backed Murtha in a power play earlier, to her detriment when he lost. She has tied herself almost completely to his anti-war rhetoric, using his military experience as a shield for Democratic defeatism. His defection on the issue will leave her twisting in the wind.

Victor Davis Hanson has more on the problem the anti-war Democrats have - For the war, then against it, and now for it?
  • They invested in the failure of the surge, having successfully tapped into widespread public unhappiness over the absence of prior clear-cut victory. Some change in their position is now on the horizon and it won’t be the first time Democrats have had to adjust en masse.
The Democrats have to adjust their Iraq stance and the Presidential candidates will have an especially difficult dance ahead of them. The only one that doesn't have anything to adjust is Baghdad Harry Reid as he's already gone down with the "the war is lost" ship.


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