Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween observations

Girls went "racy" and boys seemed to go superhero. The general theme of the girls from walking age up was feminine and that has got to drive the feminists up a wall.


Funniest moment had to be the kid that grabbed gum from NightTwisters gum ball machine and, with a mouth full of gum, had to grab a Hershey's chocolate bar out of my offerings and open it with the intent on stuffing it in there too. I just had to stare at him as he has "gum juice" dripping out of his mouth and he's opening the candy bar...

You can do it, kid!

Not sure what that would taste like, but love the attitude.

Efforts to correct one of Pelosi's screwups

From Reuters no less. Iraq says curbing PKK movements, supply lines
  • BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi authorities have set up more checkpoints to restrict the movement of Kurdish rebel fighters and cut supply lines to their mountain hideouts, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari said on Wednesday.
I'd like to personally offer to the Iraqi's that Nancy Pelosi man one of the checkpoints...

The Democrat "vision"

Ya gotta see it to believe it. Despite the fact that the liberals elected in 2006 were conservative, gun toting, blue dogs, the Democrats still misunderstand. Guess who they think they need to attack? Yep, the guy that ain't runnin'. Reuters via Yahoo - Democrats see Bush as focus in 2008 Congress races
  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush will not be on a ballot in 2008 but Democrats said on Wednesday they plan to make him the centerpiece of their campaign to boost their majorities in Congress.
Apparently, their belief is that the sheeple believe in the George W. bogeyman...

Liberal bias on childrens TV

If the thought of that bothers you, check out what Nickelodeon is doing to brainwash your children. There are several links to find it but I'll send you to BlackFive where BlackFive has What the Hell is Wrong with Nickelodeon?
  • [screen shot of video playing on Nickelodeon TV and web site about troops torturing prisoners and efforts to impeach the President]

    Time to get into high gear on this one. ArmyWifeToddlerMom has the scoop:

"It's gonna piss you off" warning...

Doing the job of the MSM

A little bit of a follow up on the Iraqi's helping out the Californians. Even though the $1,000 raised and donated by the Iraqi's won't do a whole lot to help rebuild homes destroyed in the California wildfires, the story the MSM should have brought to you was the phenomenal gesture done by the Iraqi people. There's more so I'll give you two links. Come back for the second one as that is over to OPFOR who initially brought us the story.

First is Michael J. Totten - An Act of Kindness from Iraq


This is an incredible story that should have been the main lead on the nightly news. Too bad they have an agenda that good news from Iraq would go against.

New movie release

Came out last night and it's called Shallow Hill. Spree over at Wake Up America has the review on Hillary's very badly done performance in the Democrat debate last night - Hillary Clinton Flipped, then Flopped and Now Does a Backflip
  • Sometimes when you screw up badly enough, you need to just sit down, shut up and pray to high heaven that people will forget about it.

    Not Hillary Clinton...oh no.
After you read Clinton's responses to the questions, you'll notice it's all Clintonspeak. Spree sees it as most reviewers do as flip-flopping on the answers. I think with Clintonspeak, the important thing to notice is nothing is stated, only implied. That's where she got hung out to dry by Russert. He thought he could get her to actually say a position and Clintons will never do that as the need to be seen on the other side of the issue, somewhere down the road is too important to compromise. It's critical with Clintonspeak that you be able to say "I never said that" when confronted with the implied message.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

12 Myths of 21st-Century War

A good read by Ralph Peters over at The American Legion Magazine is 12 Myths of 21st-Century War
  • Unaware of the cost of freedom and served by leaders without military expertise, Americans have started to believe whatever's comfortable
  • Myth No. 1: War doesn't change anything.
    Myth No. 2: Victory is impossible today.
    Myth No. 3: Insurgencies can never be defeated.
    Myth No. 4: There's no military solution; only negotiations can solve our problems.
    Myth No. 5: When we fight back, we only provoke our enemies.
    Myth No. 6: Killing terrorists only turns them into martyrs.
    Myth No. 7: If we fight as fiercely as our enemies, we're no better than them.
    Myth No. 8: The United States is more hated today than ever before.
    Myth No. 9: Our invasion of Iraq created our terrorist problems.
    Myth No. 10: If we just leave, the Iraqis will patch up their differences on their own.
    Myth No. 11: It's all Israel's fault. Or the popular Washington corollary: "The Saudis are our friends."
    Myth No. 12: The Middle East's problems are all America's fault.
I'm betting you've all heard most, if not all, of those myths by any number of the anti-war crowd. Ralph addresses each one in a very coherent and logical way. Check it out.

Linked via Small Wars Journal blog

The Diyala Awakening

I'm not sure if you saw it or not, but on Sunday 10 Sunni and Shiite sheiks were kidnapped by rogue Shiite militiamen. I know I didn't get it into a post, but they were leaving a meeting where they had come to agreement to unite against terrorists and join forces with the Coalition. Initial reports had them kidnapped by Al Qaeda but it was discovered yesterday that it was Shiite militia.

Pat Dollard has the story on their rescue which was pulled off by Iraqi soldiers with a little back up by Coalition forces. Another great read - Heroic Sheiks Beaten With Tire Irons, Humiliated: “We Will Stay The Course”
  • BAGHDAD - It had to be done quickly. Rogue Shiite militiamen were holding hostage a group of Sunni and Shiite tribal sheiks who had joined a revolt against al-Qaida. For the Iraqi government and its U.S. backers, the seven men represented an inspiring symbol of national unity.

    A daring rescue operation secured their freedom.

More courageous Iraqis. I vote we stay awhile and help them put together a new country.


Also from Pat Dollard - Diyala Sunni And Shiite Tribes Reach Historic Alliance
I initially thought this was the same group, but it might be another Diyala Awakening. Either way, it's worth reading.

Iraq update October 30, 2007

As it seems to be the belief commonly held that we've beaten Al Qaeda in Iraq and moved the mission over to the Shia militias that are doing the bidding of Iran, the Iraq updates will reflect more of that, although I believe we'll still have some reports of Al Qaeda smack downs.

According to Michael Yon's latest dispatch called The Perfect Evil: Coming to Roost
  • The war is finally turning a positive corner here in Iraq. If Iraq continues to progress so rapidly, I will leave here in 2008, with plans to go to Afghanistan.

If he feels Afghanistan is now the place he needs to be to be reporting on the war on terror, Iraq must be shaping up nicely. He's been dead on all year in his Iraq reporting. Probably been dead on longer than that, but I just found his website in early 2007.

We should mull that one over a little. If Iraq is cleaning up rapidly and Al Qaeda there truly has no sanctuaries left, then what might need to happen? I think that, if Afghanistan is failing as he and others are reporting, then some more focus needs to go there. I'd point out that we can't cut out of Iraq to do that though. We need to make sure that Iraq continues to progress and are capable of keeping Al Qaeda out. If they can't get back into Iraq, then we go ass kicking big time in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda has huge problems.

A couple of items regarding Demo...idiots.

First off, regarding Iran. I (and many others) believe a war with Iran is going to happen. If not during Bush's presidency, then it will be with the next president. It's inevitable unless Iran changes direction on Nuclear arms, and that really doesn't appear to be a realistic possibility. I think it's best to just understand that this is approaching.

Now, taking that into account, take a look at the Democrats who would be president. Make you a little uneasy? It certainly should. Here is one who, I believe, is accurately laying out the Democrats position when it comes to the Iran problem. From Pat Dollard - Kucinich On Bush: “We Have To Start Asking Questions About His Mental Health”
  • PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich questioned President Bush’s mental health in light of comments he made about a nuclear Iran precipitating World War III.

Ah yes, the party of the blind when it comes to the safety of America...

Next is the Queen her righteous self. From Mark I over at RedState -Clinton Comes Out Against Mukasey
  • Sen. Hillary!™ Clinton announced her opposition to the confirmation of Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey today, citing his "continued unwillingness to clearly state his views on torture and unchecked Executive power."
  • That's funny.
  • Just three weeks ago, The Washington Post published an interview with Sen. Clinton in which she failed state her views on torture and unchecked Executive power.


Because she smells like a new truck


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Iraq update October 28, 2007 - part II

From W. Thomas Smith Jr. over at The Tank - Who is Sen. Chris Dodd Talking To?
  • Politicians like Dodd have to constantly remind us that they've been to Iraq, though they never tell us how they are almost always surrounded by an entourage of civilian staffers and military public affairs officers, and escorted to relatively safe sectors of the country.
From MNF-I - More Soldiers, new firearms, better procedures, strengthen Iraqi Army
  • BAGHDAD — Vast improvements to Iraq’s national Army are leading to a force that will eventually stand on its own, a Coalition commander said today.
Again, from MNF-I - Coalition forces capture extremist splinter group leader
  • BAGHDAD — Coalition forces captured a senior militia extremist, killed two others and detained an additional 14 admitted criminals during operations in the village of al Fawwaliyah, northwest of Khalis, early Saturday.

Iraq update October 28, 2007

It's been awhile so I'll have to just hit some of the highlights. Sorry, I've been knocked down with the flu for the last week.

First off, from Pat Dollard - Dems’ Nightmare: Anbar Awakening Leaders Heading To U.S.
  • RAMADI, Iraq - Sheik Ahmed Abu Risha, who took over as leader of anti-al-Qaida Sunni tribes after his brother was assassinated, said he will leave Thursday for a two-week trip to the United States.

Also from Pat Dollard - How We Crushed Al Qaeda In Iraq
  • Winning One Battle, Fighting the Next America needs to be heartened by our success in Iraq, and seize a victory. by Frederick W. Kagan
  • America has won an important battle in the war on terror. We turned an imminent victory for Al Qaeda In Iraq into a humiliating defeat for them and thereby created an opportunity for further progress not only in Iraq, but also in the global struggle. In the past five months, terrorist operations in and around Baghdad have dropped by 59 percent. Car bomb deaths are down by 81 percent. Casualties from enemy attacks dropped 77 percent. And violence during the just-completed season of Ramadan–traditionally a peak of terrorist attacks–was the lowest in three years.
Another from Pat Dollard regarding a province transferring to Iraqi control - US Handing Karbala Over To Iraqis
  • NAHRAWAN, Iraq- U.S. forces will turn over security to Iraqi authorities in Karbala province, a Shiite region in south, on Monday, the American commander for the area said. The much-delayed process has been punctuated by fierce fighting between rival militia factions.

Pat Dollard's site again - Just In Time: Nabbed Suicide Bomber Blows Self Up In House
  • MUQDADIYA, Iraq – Acting on a tip from a local citizen, a group of Concerned Local Citizens located a suicide bomber, who detonated himself upon discovery in Muqdadiya Oct. 26.

I think that's it for this post. I'll do a "part 2" later tonight.

Iraqi soldiers raise donations for SD fire victims

Short, but must read from Pat Dollard's site - Iraqi Army Takes Up Collection For SoCal Fire Victims
  • BAGHDAD, Iraq — Members of the Iraqi Army in Besmaya collected a donation for the San Diego, Calif., fire victims Thursday night at the Besmaya Range Complex in a moving ceremony to support Besmaya’s San Diego residents.

That's a pretty short one, so head over and read the whole thing. Our troops seem to have left an impression on the Iraqi troops they work with.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Al Jazeera crosses up Al Qaeda

From Spree over at Wake Up America - al-Qaeda "Peeved" at Al-Jazeera Over bin Laden Video
  • Jihadist against Jihadist?

    CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida sympathizers have unleashed a torrent of anger against Al-Jazeera television, accusing it of misrepresenting Osama bin Laden's latest audiotape by airing excerpts in which he criticizes mistakes by insurgents in Iraq.

    Where is the popcorn?

Bin Laden admits to problems in Iraq

From Bill Roggio over at The Long War Journal is "The darkness has become pitch black" - Osama bin Laden on Iraq situation
  • Recent report from US commanders in Iraq have stated al Qaeda in Iraq has been set back by a combination of the latest offensive and the willingness of local Iraqis to turn on the terror group. Based Osama bin Laden's latest audiotape, al Qaeda central command agrees that the fight against the US and the Iraqi government is not going well.

Good read, as always with Bill's stuff. I'd add that Bin Laden sees a problem with recruitment and so feels the need to make a recruiting push, hence the tape.

The old media strikes again

The latest idiocy from the old media is the new story going around the internet about a writer for the Sacramento Bee named Bobby Caina Calvan. Calvan blogged about an encounter he had at a security post in the Green Zone in Baghdad. This is a pretty amazing display of pompous assedness. You will need to read the post and then the laugh track (comment thread on the original post) and see 196 ways to call an asshole an asshole. The writer got hammered and pulled his site down. No matter, through due diligence from several places, the post and comments were archived off and are still available. I think I'll route you to it via a trusted source who's commentary always helps us to gain the proper perspective. Uncle Jimbo over at BlackFive with Knight Ridder, Night Rider you got some ID Chump?
  • I am going to strike out a new path and do some bashing of a dino media maroon. I know, the last limb of the last tree, but let's go anyhow. Winner of the Golden Bung award, Sacramento Bee reporter Bobby Caina Calvan. h/t Cancel the Bee. Intrepid wanker has identification problems
There are lots of links to that including Michelle Malkin, but no offense to the rest of them, Uncle Jimbo has proven commentary abilities...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Proof of BDS

If you go back into the memory banks to hurricane Katrina, you'll remember the left flipping out because Bush didn't respond quickly enough. Then, as now with the California wildfires, the response is required by the local state and city governments. You might notice that the liberal left isn't saying a word about Bush's response to the California wildfires. That's because it would be absurd, as it was when they said it about Katrina. That was a failure by the Democrat Mayor and the Democrat Governor. Also, the state and city governments in California are doing a great job saving lives and property. I'm not sure Bush has lifted a finger, other than to call the California officials and ask if they need anything.

Monday, October 22, 2007

More on the Victory in Iraq thought

Uncle Jimbo over at BlackFive is thinking deeper on it. How to declare victory in Iraq
I'd just like to add in, if we do the victory dance thing on July 4th, we also celebrate our troops with the appropriate music. I nominate Nazarith, Hair of the dog.
  • NOW you're messin' with a....

Pelosi's war

If Turkey invades Northern Iraq, there will only be one person responsible. That very bad idea on the Armenian genocide bill Nancy Pelosi pushed through committee. So far, Turkey is showing an amazing amount of restraint, but some kind of incursion is inevitable. I'm going to go ahead and give her the due credit for stirring up the hornets nest. She (in my mind anyway) intentionally did that with full knowledge of the consequences. If she didn't see that as the inevitable fallout from her political stunt, she's incredibly stupid. I guess I can be open minded and keep that second option open for further discussion though.

Bin Laden apologizes to the Iraqis

Yep. He wants them to go ahead and get back in line to attack the Americans. Sorry 'bout those atrocities...

From the old media, no less - Bin Laden urges Iraq rebel unity, admits wrongs
  • Iraq's wing of al Qaeda is one of the key groups fighting U.S.-led forces and the Baghdad government, but bin Laden's followers have angered other Sunni groups and tribes through their hardline interpretations of Islam and indiscriminate killing of civilians.

    In Anbar, a former insurgent hotbed where Sunni Arab tribes have joined U.S. forces against al Qaeda, there has been an 82 percent drop in violent deaths, the government said.

    Bin Laden acknowledged that some insurgents were involved in "wrongdoings," mentioning a particular group of holy commandments that includes killings. He did not give further details.

I'm sure the Iraqi's will appreciate the "we wuz just kiddin'" aspect of that.

Comment on the Osama message

Maybe Osama Bin Laden shouldn't have spent all that time in the cave watching the "inconvenient truth" DVD, instead of commanding his idiots. He might be a little late on convincing the Iraqi people that they are the better option.

He should have a great master plan to conquer the world by letting the seas rise that 23 meters and then moving in, though...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Iraq update October 20, 2007

From MNF-I - Soldiers show zero tolerance for attacks in Adhamiyah
  • BAGHDAD — If the people in the Adhamiyah District’s Abu Hanifa Market hadn’t already heard about the afternoon’s grenade attack on a U.S. Soldier, they heard about it when Lt. Col. Jeff Broadwater showed up.
Another from MNF-I - Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda: 11 killed, two detained
  • BAGHDAD — Coalition forces killed 11 terrorists and detained two suspects during an operation Oct. 15-18 near Samarra along theTigris River Valley.
And, also from MNF-I - Raids result in capture of suspected Al Qaeda leaders (Baghdad)
  • BAGHDAD – In a series of early morning raids Oct. 20, Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers killed one and captured several other individuals who are believed to be ranking members of Al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist cells operating in Doura, a southern district in the Iraqi capital.

MNF-I - Iraqi Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain three suspected terrorists

  • TAJI, Iraq – Iraqi Forces, with U.S. Special Forces as advisers, detained two suspected terrorist leaders during two simultaneous intelligence-driven raids earlier this week in Northern Iraq.

And lastly, also from MNF-I - Odierno calls on safety team to help cut non-combat deaths
  • BAGHDAD — An Army safety team soon will wrap up its month-long analysis conducted at the Multi-National Corps Iraq commander’s request to find ways to stop the recent uptake in non-combat injuries and fatalities among deployed troops.

Victory in Iraq?

From Ed Morrissey over at Captains Quarters - Ledeen: Victory Is At Hand
  • The indicators in Iraq point to a victory over terrorists and insurgents in the near future, Michael Ledeen writes in the Wall Street Journal today. Not only have the Americans overpowered al-Qaeda in Iraq throughout the western provinces, the Iraqi Army and central government have established their will in Basra and the south. Iraqi nationalism has risen significantly, and militias of all stripes have either cut deals with Baghdad or have begun melting away:

And more from Uncle Jimbo over at BlackFive - Ledeen & Ackerman agree "Mission Accomplished"

  • OK I'm putting words in both their mouths, but let's see if I can stitch this one together.

So, with Ed's post, I'd have to comment that he has a valid point in that if we move away from the Petraeus strategy, a lot of what's been gained in 2007 could be lost rather quickly.

Comments on Uncle Jimbo's post are that I agree with him that we really need to have a victory celebration or, as he puts it, "Well.... equally important now is that we make sure they have to eat a defeat". Another good point is the fact we are staying in Iraq for a long while. I'm pretty sure you all realize that, but in case you didn't, you can probably take that to the bank. The left will be all up in arms I'm sure, but if it bothers them that bad they can put some effort into getting us out of Japan and Germany. We've been there a whole lot longer and if that's a real problem, that's where they need to start.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The smear letter

The sleazy, slimy, power abusive letter that 41 senators sent to Clear Channel has been sold on Ebay today. Selling price? $2,100,100.00 to a Republican philanthropist. Rush matched the bid and so $4.2 million made for the selected charity. Great job Rush!

The scumbag Harry Reid, though, tried to attach himself to this great deed done by Rush, and Rush alone. You won't believe your eyes when you check out Reid on the floor of the Senate today. Uncle Jimbo has the video over at BlackFive - Game, set, match to Mr. Limbaugh

Uncle Jimbo's take and mine are totally different, so view the video and see what you think.

I think a caller that called into Sean Hannity's show today had a good point. This move by Harry Reid is what you need to get used to and will be the same technique the left is going to use when they have to finally get on the Iraq victory parade. Harry, if you can stomach listening to the diatribe, implies a couple of different things, in my viewpoint. The most offensive to me is that he seems to think the high dollar amount was because it was signed by him and his pompous ass Democrat friends. Anyone with half a brain can see the high dollar amount was in support of Rush and his charity. He also implies that he was a part of the auction, without actually saying it. Just count the "we..." lines he uses.

Hey Harry, you don't get a pass on this one. The only thing you did was abuse your powers more than any politician in the history of our nation.

NightTwister pointed out today, it'll be $6.3 million as soon as that stand up guy Harry Reid matches the selling price. So, it's going to be $4.2 million...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Couple of quick hitters

# 1 - This may surprise you, but I'm actually for expanding the S-CHIP program. Yep, I think all of your kids should have one implanted. That way, when some high school type prank happens down at the 7-eleven, we can just go online and see which of your kids was in the area...

# 2 - Hillary Clinton's campaign aides are stating that, after just serving 7 years in an elected office, she's accumulated 35 years experience. For some reason, while I wouldn't have been all that shocked if she broke a law somewhere/sometime, I didn't figure it would be the laws of physics...

Don't look up

I believe pigs have begun to fly. ABC's Good Morning America has been to Fallujah and is reporting good news. Yeah, the old media and good news out of Iraq. The MSM. The main tool the Democrats have at their disposal to misinform the public. I know, you think I'm joking, but Uncle Jimbo at BlackFive has the video evidence.

Al Qaeda worldwide

As I've been trying to evaluate the global war on terror, a key point to me has been have we beaten Al Qaeda in Iraq? There are lots of people that think we have. I'm thinking we're close and maybe we have beaten them there. If we haven't yet, it's right around the corner. This has to be the main issue driving the Democrats even more insane than they originally were. One undeniable fact, as I see it, is that while Al Qaeda has made their main battle front for the war Iraq, we've not had a major terrorist attack against us. To me it's stupidity on AQ's side, and fortunate for our side. They want to go after our military. Our military is just fine with that idea.

Now, I'm reading reports of a dramatic drop in the numbers of foreign terrorist going into Iraq. That's been interesting to toss around my empty head. My theory is that maybe AQ's losses in Iraq are doing more damage to the worldwide movement than we understand. Recruiting has got to be much more difficult now that the Muslim world understands that America isn't going to run away if the going gets tough, despite the fact that the Democratic leadership we have is certainly trying to indicate that to our enemies. Reality must be setting in. AQ jeopardizes losing ground in other countries if the continue to pour resources into Iraq and they get taken out by our troops. At some point, they have to give up and try and make a stand somewhere else.

You might logically think that Pakistan is the regrouping point. It may well be. You need to read what Ed Morrissey over at Captains Quarters has up in his post on the return from exile of Bhutto and what that might mean to their war against AQ in That Didn't Take Long
  • The Taliban and al-Qaeda threatened to kill her if she returned. She has openly supported the American-led war on terror, and has even suggested that the Americans cross the border into Waziristan to assist Pakistan in wiping out the Islamists. They know that her return and pending alliance with Pervez Musharraf puts them at a strong disadvantage in Pakistan, where they had hoped to prevail politically.

Stark - raving lunatic

Haystack over at Redstate has a video up that really shows that there is no depth too low for the Democrats to sink to in regards to the Iraq war. Check out the video at Heads Blown Off For The President's Amusement?
  • The biggest scumbag to bubble to the surface of the Democrat swill just opened his pie-hole and spewed the foulest thing to come out of a politicians mouth in, perhaps, my lifetime (maybe not-but this is in the top 3)
The only warning I can put up is this is just vile and disgusting conduct. Un-frigging-believable...

Iraq update October 18, 2007

So, in Iraq, when the locals turn on Al Qaeda or turn on Mookie and his boys, the first thing that happens is a group of them is put together and they're referred to as the local concerned citizens group. The Coalition trains them, and eventually they get pulled into the local police or the Iraqi Army. This allows for the locals to start fighting off the enemy with Coalitions support in a fairly quick manor.

Works well if you judge it by this report from MNF-I called 72-year-old concerned citizen takes down suicide bomber

Sucks to be Al Qaeda in Iraq these days. Also from MNF-I is Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda network; 15 suspects detained

From The Bashman over at Pat Dollard is Never Tired Of Hearing It: Al Qaeda in Iraq on the Run

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jackass update (Algore)

Tony Blankley over at has a must read called Gore Wins, Facts Lose
  • The world has become such a difficult and dangerous place that I am deeply appreciative of recent amusing events, which seem as if they were written by the Marx Brothers or Monty Python. I have in mind, it should go without saying, Al Gore winning both an Academy Award and the Nobel Peace Prize. The very sentence sounds like a punch line.

Jackass update (Pelosi)

The jackass Pelosi's political stunt to attempt to sabotage the Iraq war by pushing that "non-binding" resolution calling what the Ottoman Empire did 100 years ago to the Armenians genocide has had some set backs. According to this from the Washington Post called Support Wanes For Armenian Genocide Bill
  • Chances for a U.S. resolution calling the mass killings of Armenians that began in 1915 genocide eroded dramatically last night, as sponsors dropped off in droves and senior Democrats urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to abandon her support.

Keep in mind that, in 1981 President Ronald Reagan declared this already for the U.S., to understand that it's useless and can only have a bad affect on our relations with an ally.

Even if this gets dropped right now, the damage Pelosi wanted to inflict on our troops could already be done. Turkey has pulled it's U.S. ambassador and the Turkish parliament has passed a resolution approving of an incursion into Iraq to go after the PKK. To understand the repercussions of Pelosi's careless act, read The Nancy Pelosi Invasion
  • The overwhelming vote to authorize the invasion demonstrates the declining influence of the US with its NATO partner and Middle East ally, a situation exacerbated by the Congressional effort to censure Turkey over a genocide from a century ago:
Make sure you read the whole thing as Ed goes over the options we are now stuck with. None of them are good, thanks to Pelosi. There is one little tidbit that Pelosi didn't foresee though. Maliki, with his statement of willingness to go after the PKK in a joint operation with the Turkish military could actually further the needed growth of the fledgling (failing according to the jackasses) Iraq government.

Also, although I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere yet, if you look at this very deeply do you see anything Pelosi has done that could be considered treason? The jackasses seem to be skirting with that quite a bit lately. I'd have to check back in history and see who's been convicted of treason and how it compares with this action. On the surface I think people might have been convicted on less, but it'll take some looking into.

From the "you gotta read it to believe it" files

A report from Baghdad that states the poor grave diggers have fallen on hard times due to the drop in violence. That dang George W. Bush!

From Jeff Emanuel over at Redstate is Seriously?!
  • Straight from the "proof that the press will find something negative to say about ANY development in Iraq" department...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Iraq update October 16, 2007

From various press releases over at MNF-I which you probably don't have the time to read. Reading back through Saturday's releases I count (numbers approximate as I may have missed some) 15 or so Al Qaeda killed and 80 or so captured. Those captured include the number 4 on the most wanted list captured in Baghdad, another who was one of the top five, and the number 2 most wanted man in North Babil.

Now for the situation on the political/reconciliation front:

MNF-I has Commander notes progress in Northwestern Baghdad neighborhoods

And Iraqis help their own with humanitarian aid

And Black Jack Soldiers provide meals, gifts on Muslim holiday

From Pat Dollard Iraqi Delegation Heads To Turkey

From Blackfive over at (coincidently) Blackfive Fallujah, Iraq - Marines say "Peace Is Breaking Out All Over the Place"

And finally, the Washington Post has Al Qaeda in trouble which I'm sure the rest of the MSM will attack full bore as it's good news which the sheeple cannot be told about.

The War: according to people who actually are here (Michael Yon email from Iraq)

For those of you who haven't signed up on Michael Yon's email list, here's another email that you need to read.


Iraq is on the mend, al Qaeda is on the run, and the civil war has abated to a point where the term "civil war" no longer applies.

Accurate war coverage is increasingly important. Even prominent seemingly well-informed persons can get it wrong, such as retired Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez who previously commanded the war in Iraq . His recent public statements –selectively excerpted and then widely dispersed by the hot winds of media – made it clear that this former senior commander is far out of touch with the current situation.

But there are commanders with a finger on the pulse.

When earlier this year I wrote about the 1-4 CAV transforming an abandoned seminary in a Baghdad neighborhood that had been decimated by civil war, the "surge" had not even begun; but already pundits, politicians and editors had declared it a failure. Though I'd spent only a few days with LTC Crider and his 1-4 CAV soldiers at the new COP Amanche, I ended the dispatch on a note of hope based on observation. I recently received an email from LTC Crider with an update on that Baghdad neighborhood. Please read "Achievements of the Human Heart" and see for yourself.

I was in al Basra province when I saw news reports claiming that Basra city had descended into chaos in the wake of an announcement about the draw down of British Soldiers. I emailed the facts about Basra to several bloggers who hold the media accountable, and the resulting effort got the attention of Tom Foreman who anchors CNN's "This Week at War." We were able to make a CNN interview, and the result is a segment that accurately reflects a complex and changing situation. Bravo to CNN for setting the record straight, and to the tireless bloggers who are making a substantial difference in the way news about the war is delivered.

There are major developments to share with readers in upcoming dispatches. If things go at-least-mostly according to plan (which is all we can hope for in war), and if I can rely on the help of readers who share my frustration with the lack of accurate reporting, we can significantly widen the stream of news flowing from Iraq so more people can obtain a truer picture. This will require the will and generosity of readers. But more on that, soon.

Basra, Iraq

Iraq coverage by the MSM

I'm done wasting time on trying to reconcile what the main stream media is telling you about Iraq. I used to think that some of them were possibly just misinterpreting what they were seeing and thusly reporting inaccurately. Now, I'm convinced they are intentionally lying. A perfect example is CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan. She was on Leno and Jay asked her "how are we doing" in Iraq? Her answer was:
  • We're doing extremely badly, from my point of view. I was asked if I felt any guilt for the fact that the world has an impression of the war in Iraq as being very bad and going very wrong? And I said I really don't because I can't imagine the last time anyone saw a dead American soldier. We've hidden that from view. Nobody knows what that looks like and I've seen plenty of it. It's much worse than the picture, the image we even have of Iraq.
Okay, if she's the CBS News chief foreign correspondent, then she sees the same stuff we're seeing from the milblogs. At least, she should be seeing it. I'm going to go ahead and give CBS the credit that it actually has reporters that have the pertinent information.

She's out and out lying with that statement. There's no other way to reconcile it with the information we get every day on what's going on over there from the milblogs , Centcom, and the MNF-I websites.

You can read more on the moron over at Newsbusters.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Limbaugh letter

Baghdad Harry Reid and 40 other Jackasses sent a letter to Clear Channel in regards to the non-story "phoney soldiers". Reid and his Jackasses wanted the president of Clear Channel to punnish Limbaugh for being unpatriotic. We all know the story and how Reid's group misrepresented it for political gain. Rush is probably the most patriotic person on the airwaves today. Reid must have thought he could spout his lies and somehow damage El Rushbo and no one would be the wiser.

The president of Clear Channel is a personal friend of El Rushbo and gave him the letter. Rush, being the patriot his is, has put it up on Ebay. Original Harry Reid/Rush Limbaugh Smear Letter

At the time of this post the bid is at $50,100.00. There are 3 days and 15 hours left to bid on it. Rush is donating the proceeds to Marine Corps -- Law Enforcement Foundation

I believe he's challenged Baghdad Harry and his Jackasses to match the winning bid and donate an equal amount to Marine Corps -- Law Enforcement Foundation.

Senator's Clinton and Obama are signees. Interesting that they didn't publically comment on the whole made up "hub bub", but would sign the letter.

Jackass update

This Jackass update is on Algore. He wins the Nobel Peace Prize over a lady named Irena Sendler. Algore did absolutely nothing to promote peace anywhere in the world and won the award because he's touting man made global warming, which is at best, questionable science, at worst, junk science he can use to put money in his pocket.

Irena Sendler saved 2,500 children in WWII by smuggling them out of Nazi occupied Warsaw and away from certain death. She had all the names written down on paper and stuffed into a jar, buried in her yard. She was discovered and sent to a Nazi prison camp where they totured her (breaking both feet and both legs) to find out the names of the children, and where they might be located. She never cracked, and the children survived. She to this day lives with the pain of her injuries.

Glenn Beck is right, there is no comparison between Irena Sendler and Algore. If she had just replaced all the Nazi's lightbulbs with compact flourescent lightbulbs, then she might have had a chance....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

General Ricardo Sanchez

Talk about selective reporting. Yesterday, General Ricardo Sanchez, who was in charge of the Iraq war in 2003, gave a speech yesterday which was a pretty scathing review of the MSM. Pat Dollard has the details in his post General Accuses MSM Of Killing Soldiers, Enemy Propaganda - MSM Censors Him
  • The Washington Post, the AP and others were brutally attacked yesterday by retired General Ricardo Sanchez. He accused them and their political masters of de facto treason, functioning not as journalists, but as lying propagandists bent on advancing Democrat Party power.
Reuters has it's cherry picked version up called Leadership dooms Iraq strategy: ex-commander
  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A "catastrophic failure" in the Bush administration's leadership of the Iraq war has mired the United States in a nightmarish conflict with no clear way out, the former top U.S. commander in Iraq said on Friday.

Also, Deebow over at BlackFive has OK, This... Has.... Got.... To.... Stop.... where he has some valid points about General Sanchez and the fact that he hasn't been in Iraq in years, so most likely doesn't have any up to date information to formulate his opinion on.
  • I am approaching the point of having had it up to here (I am holding my hand next to my forehead) with retired generals who now get critical of the war effort.

    Especially from a guy who was actually running the show in Iraq.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Democrats

I think it's very appropriate that the symbol for their party is a Jackass.

First Jackass tonight? Dr. Algore. A judge in England ruled that, in order to show his "schlockumentary", the English schools need to first point out the 9 lies Algore uses in it. Just minor little things like his claim that the antarctic ice caps are shrinking when actuality they're growing. To prove how much of a joke the award is, he got a Nobel Peace Prize today.

Second Jackass is John Murtha. I'm not sure you saw anything about it, but a year and a half ago, a platoon of marines was hit by and IED in Haditha, Iraq, and then came under immediate small arms fire. They defended themselves and killed as many of the enemy as possible, before the enemy ran off. Some Iraqi citizens in the area (most likely under duress from Al Qaeda pressures) claimed the people killed were all innocent civilians. John Murtha, before the smoke even cleared on the issue, stated that the marines had murdered these civilians in cold blood because George W. Bush had them under too much pressure. At the time of this statement by Murtha an investigation into it had not even started. He claimed to have information on it and the marines would soon be found guilty. The marines have all been cleared of any wrongdoing now, and today we find out the information people in our Government had was proof of innocence, not guilt. Murtha flat out lied in a purely political move.

Third Jackass tonight is Nancy Pelosi and this is why I don't think the Democrats have given up on forcing us to surrender in Iraq. Pelosi this week is pushing a bill that condemns the Ottoman Empire of genocide 100 years ago. What is to be gained? Absolutely nothing. The Ottoman Empire doesn't exist anymore. It's now Turkey. Turkey, who is an ally of ours. Turkey, who is letting us supply our troops in Iraq through Turkey and through Turkey's airspace. Their airspace would be pretty important if war with Iran has to happen, too. Nothing is gained here and we've pissed off an ally. What the hell is it with the Jackass party and their never ending attack on our allies? Now, we just need the Jackasses to, once again, complain that George W. Bush is alienating us from the world to make this totally absurd.

Iraq update October 12, 2007

You'll probably notice these updates are changing somewhat. It's not that I'm doing anything different, it's just that the news on Iraq is changing over from military operations to neighborhood reconciliations. You'll see more news on the various Awakenings than you will on operations, with the exception of Al Qaeda's suicide bombing campaign.

So, with that said, Al Qaeda earlier in the week went after the head of the Salahadin Awakening and the senior leaders of the Iraqi police in Salahadin province. The Awakening leader and the police targets were wounded, but survived. Today, AQ attacked a group of children with a box of toys with a bomb in it. It appears that Al Qaeda is still going the route of murder and intimidation, even though that has actually driven the population to rebel on them.

Ed Morrissey over at Captains Quarters reports on a couple more Awakenings. The first is Another Sunni Success Story
  • Now that the Democrats have decided to give up on forcing a surrender in Iraq, more stories about progress in Iraq have started hitting the wires. The AP focuses on another Sunni tribal chief who has decided to throw in his lot with the Americans, and the area of Youssifiyah has put violence aside:

I think I disagree with Ed on the point that the Democrats have given up on forcing a surrender in Iraq. I'll cover that in a later post, possibly tonight.

The second is The Shi'ite Turn which is about locals turning on Mookies boys.
  • One of the big success stories of the surge came from the disaffection between the Sunnis in western Iraq and the foreign terrorists of al-Qaeda in Iraq. The Anbar Awakening started as a tribal alliance against AQI and blossomed into a widespread movement to bring the Sunnis stability and engagement with the rest of the nation. Now it looks like the Shi'ites have tired of their sectarian militia headed by the onetime kingmaker, Moqtada al-Sadr:

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another note to daughter

The details are a little sketchy, but it appears the dog who rules the family is going to need a servant again. Sounds like it'll be from sometime early next week until sometime early the following week. I'm going to go ahead and suck it up, take one for the team, and hang out at the lake for a week or so. Last time I was able to post a little, so I should still be able to put up more of the normal ramblings...

If I disappear though, you know it's because me and Max are out on the lake fishing. Must do what "he what's in charge" tells me to do.


Heeeere's Jimmy!

Well, Jimmy Carter is making the rounds again with the liberal slanted media. It's skin crawling time again.

In case this irritates you as much as it initially does me, I need to refresh your collective memories.

A majority of historians have Jimmy at the top of their list as the worst President in the history of the United States. If you were in that position, you would be jumping up and down and trying to convince everyone who will listen that the current President is somehow worse, just to get off that list.

It's absurd of course, but either due to dementia or just not being all that sharp, he thinks he can succeed. They won't be able to judge George W. until years after his presidency, and unless a whole lot of things go south for him, he won't be anywhere near Jimmy in the history books. This Iraq war working out to our advantage may elevate George W. way up. Carter, and his ties to the beginnings of Islamic terrorism through pulling support for the Shah of Iran and allowing the Mullahs to take over (they are, after all, clerics), has set the bar way to high for George to every catch up. Viva the revolution there, Jimmy!

One thing we can learn from the Carter presidency, though, is that you don't have to be smarter than a peanut to be a peanut farmer...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What liberal media bias...

The Democrats have a term they use for the general public who get their news from the nightly newscasts. They call them "sheeple" because they just take what's fed to them and believe it must be true because the major news outlets wouldn't slant anything, they merely report the facts. The fact that the Democrats rely on the general public to do this has been an amazing annoyance to me, but really not much could be done other than to point out to anybody who would listen that the Internet is a great place to research what you've been told so you can decide if the nightly news is accurately reporting to you.

Now, however, we actually have one of those same newscasters readily admitting to the fact that they "shape" the news to obtain a certain outcome or viewpoint. He rightly points out that this slanting of the news is what has made the Iraq war so unpopular. From Newsbusters - ABC's Cuomo Marvels at Media Ability to Turn U.S. Against Iraq
  • On Tuesday's "Good Morning America," co-host Chris Cuomo and media critic Howard Kurtz ignored the role that liberal bias has played in the decline of ratings for the network evening newscasts. At the same time, Cuomo and Washington Post reporter seemed to be proud of the media's ability to turn Americans against the war in Iraq. Kurtz, who has written a book on the subject, asserted, "I believe that these newscasts in 2005 and 2006 played the biggest single role in helping to turn public opinion against the war."
Also, in a not quite related link, Ann Coulter's column from last week is a must read. Okay, okay, every Ann Coulter column is a must read, but still, check out PRETEND TO BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE

Victory in Iraq or VI day?

So, from the last post we have the fact that the media (old) is lying to us and laughing about it. Now, I see a democratic strategist on the TV saying we can't win a war with Iran because, as she put it, we're not winning in Iraq, so how could we possibly win a war with Iran? That's an official strategist. There can be no doubt left in your minds that the Democrats are married to a loss in Iraq after hearing that, can there?

Now, for reality (what the nightly news doesn't want you to know).

You'll remember back to last week, I posted a link to a post by a middle east expert called Mission Accomplished where the author was stating that we've already won the war in Iraq. I can't quite go that far and think we may be well on our way to victory, but most likely not quite there. Today, from the U.S. News and World Report we have - A Decent Outcome for Iraq
  • Peace has not come to the streets of Baghdad, but the center holds. Our very American "benchmarks" for measuring the progress of Iraq can't capture the reality of that land. There is no "oil law," it is true, but the oil bounty is being shared equitably across the regions. The Iraqi government, through a relentless insurgency, maintains and meets a payroll for 3.4 million of its citizens. And in the provinces, there is a scramble for budgets and economic projects. "A year ago, we could not give money to the provincial governors; they could not use it. Now they are in competition for funds, and economic life stirs," Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh, who oversees the service sector of the government, said to me.

Reading that one makes you understand that we might be even closer to victory then any of us are seeing. I'm now to the point to where I can actually see this being a non-issue come election time and since the Democrats have bet the house on losing the war, could be in some trouble.

That one is another must read.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Che Day!

No one has ever deserved killing more than him. Today we get to celebrate the world getting set right many years ago...

Despite the liberals and their Che t-shirts, and Hollowwood glamorizing him as revolutionary, history will judge him as the butcher he was. Another person in a revolution who became judge, jury, and executioner of thousands of his countrymen. His legacy will be strongman to Castro in making Cuba what it is today.

Dig him up so we can off him again...

Monday, October 8, 2007

Al Qaeda becoming desperate

Amir Taheri over at the New York Post online is reporting on an assassination of an Al Qaeda operative in Syria and how it's an indicator of how badly things are going with Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda's inability to convince Americas Democrats to surrender Iraq to them, the arrest of a major financier in Iraq last week, and now this all add up to make for some not so happy days for Al Qaeda world wide. It's a good read called QAEDA ON THE RUN
  • October 8, 2007 -- UNKNOWN gunmen murdered Muhammad Gul Aghasi - one of the key "theologians" of al Qaeda - at a mosque in northern Syria last month. Candidates for the fiery preacher's killing include rivals within his own radical group, agents of the Americans - and his Syrian hosts. Whatever the truth, this is bad news for the already ailing al Qaeda.
Thanks to Captains Quarters for the link.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Iran in Iraq

This is probably the biggest issue now that the Shiite groups are settling down. Al Qaeda is still around, but they are losing badly by all reports. The "special groups" appear to be the biggest nut left to crack. Iran's meddling is probably the main problem now.

Bill Roggio over at The Long War Journal has this post about General Petraeus and an interview he had today where he elaborated - General Petraeus: Iran's ambassador to Iraq "is a Qods force member"
  • The war of words between the US military and Iran over Iran's involvement in terrorist activity in Iraq heated up on Sunday after General David Petraeus, the commander of Multinational Forces Iraq, said the Iranian ambassador was an Iranian intelligence agent.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Iraqi Freedom minute - Oct. 4

Just a quick test to see how hard it would be to post video. This is a short one called Iraqi Freedom minute. From DVIDS hub.

Al Qaeda's Ramadan campaign

Bill Roggio at The Long War Journal has a good post up on that and how the tribal Awakenings are coming along. Al Qaeda's Ramadan assassination campaign
  • Al Qaeda in Iraq continues its Ramadan assassination program and Sunni insurgent groups continue to turn on the terror group.
Another good read from there is Shuffling paperwork to victory: The Evolution of the Fallujah Police Department
  • Bill Ardolino looks at the dramatic changes in the Fallujah Police Department from January 2007 to today. Part two of a two-part

Iraq update October 6, 2007

From MNF-I - Surge continues to help Iraqi government make progress
  • “Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition forces have been able to respond effectively to the violence during this Ramadan season, and al Qaeda and other extremist groups are losing support due to their indiscriminate targeting of civilians,” Sherlock said
Also from MNF-I - Iraqi Police detain policeman responsible for Mayor’s death
  • KALSU, Iraq – Iraqi Police in Iskandariyah detained a fellow policeman Oct. 5 who assisted terrorists in killing the mayor of Iskandariyah.
From Uncle Jimbo at BlackFive - Daily Kos just hating openly on soldiers now
  • WOW! I just read one of the sorriest, and I mean that both in the low character and poor execution meanings, hit pieces I have ever read (h/t LGF) . Some pissant has decided that Pete Hegseth of Vets for Freedom is the anti-christ and has cobbled together a classic conspiracist take on Pete and his evil handlers. This clown even decides it's worth playing the phony soldiers card, I mean now this has progressed from a lie about what Rush said, to an accepted fake but accurate urban myth, to now just a smear against a vet who has honorably served.
And The Bashman over at Pat Dollard regarding the agreement between Mookie and Abdul Aziz al-Hakim - Rival Shia Factions Kiss And Make Up. Mookie & Hakim Love Munchkin King.
  • BAGHDAD- Two of Iraq’s most powerful Shiite leaders agreed on Saturday to end a bitter rivalry in a bid to end months of armed clashes and assassinations in the oil-rich south that have threatened to spread into a wider conflict.

And Pat Dollard over at Pat Dollard - Developing “Irreversable Momentum”
  • BAGHDAD — Coalition and Iraqi forces have “tactical momentum” in the country, but they need to develop “irreversible momentum,” Army Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno said today during a Pentagon interview

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Iraq update October 4, 2007

Al Qaeda in Iraq just keeps getting taken apart. They're still somewhat dangerous, but they are losing human resources as well as this major hit to their financial resources. From MNF-I with Iraqi forces, U.S. Special Forces detain al-Qaeda financier
  • During one of the operations, Soldiers from the 6th Iraqi Army Division detained a suspected al-Qaeda financier in Kindi. The extremist financier is suspected of traveling to foreign countries to acquire financial support for terrorist activities and is suspected of supplying more than $50,000 to al-Qaeda each month. He is believed to have received $100,000,000 this summer from terrorist supporters who cross the Iraq border illegally or fly into Iraq from Italy, Syria and Egypt.
And, on the human resources AQ is losing, more from MNF-I - Coalition forces detain 12 suspects during operations to disrupt al-Qaeda
  • BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces captured two wanted terrorists and detained an additional ten suspects during operations Wednesday in central and northern Iraq.

MNF-I - Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda killing six terrorists, two suspects detained
  • BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed six terrorists and detained two suspects during operations Monday and Tuesday targeting associates of al-Qaeda in Iraq in the central part of the country.

MNF-I - Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda network: one killed, 10 detained
  • BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed one terrorist, captured two wanted individuals and detained eight suspects during operations Tuesday targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq associates in central and northern Iraq.

MNF-I - Iraqi Security Forces kill three al-Qaeda terrorists outside of Tikrit
  • TIKRIT, Iraq – Iraqi Security Forces, acting swiftly on tips from local Iraqi sources, killed three known terrorists after conducting a raid in the al-Jazeera desert, 15 miles east of Tikrit, Sept. 30.

And, that's just the losses for Al Qaeda in Iraq for the last couple of days. The Special Groups are getting hammered just as badly.

Promote Pat Dollard's site

The Bashman wants you to help promote the Pat Dollard site in an effort to try and counteract the loony leftwing liberal reporting provided by the MSM. If Not You, Who?
  • With the spate of anti-conservatism spewing forth from the bowels of the left lately, there has been a wave of disgust that has rippled through the silent majority of Americans who dine at the table of the mainstream media on a daily basis.

I agree with that and recommend you check out the Pat Dollard site on a daily basis.

The Flag

Man, I can't believe how the "hate America first" movement has taken hold like it has. Now they're into dissing our American flag. If this doesn't get under your skin, nothing will.

From Uncle Jimbo over at BlackFive Respecting the flag in Reno
  • Some clown in Reno was flying his Mexican flag above the US flag at his cantina and a news crew stopping by to verify this illegal action caught a fine gentleman taking care of the situation the old-fashioned way.
From The Bashman over at Pat Dollard we have Obama Dumps American Flag
  • WTF? Does he have a squirting lapel flower in the mail? Way to go! I’m sure this guy can lead this country…right to hell.

    WATERLOO, Iowa — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has stopped wearing the American flag lapel pin that has become a common symbol of patriotism since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

From The Wolf back over at BlackFive is What does THIS mean to YOU?
  • This is getting UGLY.

    More and more, I'm seeing a lack of respect for the flag. As a symbol, as an item of respect of our nation.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The attack on El Rusbo

Rep. Eric Cantor has a petition you can sign if you wish to Stand With Rush.

I'm not asking you to just view this through my eyes only though. Review other's opinions:

From spree at Wake Up America is Rush Limbaugh, Harry Reid, Phony Soldiers and Real Soldiers emails supporting Rush

Redstate has several also:

Rep. Vito Fosella - The Democrats Attack Rush To Cover Their Mistake

Congressman Mike Pence - Attack on Limbaugh is Attack on Free Speech

Erick reports that Senator Kyl Defending Rush

Rep. Marsha Blackburn - Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?
  • Okay, that line is pretty much what NightTwister always accuses me of when I'm describing vacations with him and his family...
Fred Thompson, nicely concise - I wonder who General Petraeus and his troops thinks is more supportive?

Rep. Scott Garrett - Allegations Against Limbaugh Are Ludicrous!

Congressman Jack Kingston - It's Not Really About Rush, It's About Talk Radio

Stueif - No Sense of Shame
  • Great photo of a true phony soldier
And, from the directors of Redstate - No Apology To Phony Soldiers

More on The Iraq Debate

Link provided by Victory Caucus to a post up at Prospect (UK) called Mission Accomplished.

  • The question of what to do in Iraq today must be separated from the decision to topple Saddam Hussein four and a half years ago. That decision is a matter for historians. By any normal ethical standard, the coalition's current project in Iraq is a just one. Britain, America and Iraq's other allies are there as the guests of an elected government given a huge mandate by Iraqi voters under a legitimate constitution. The UN approved the coalition's role in May 2003, and the mandate has been renewed annually since then, most recently this August. Meanwhile, the other side in this war are among the worst people in global politics: Baathists, the Nazis of the middle east; Sunni fundamentalists, the chief opponents of progress in Islam's struggle with modernity; and the government of Iran. Ethically, causes do not come much clearer than this one.
This is an excellent, in depth look at the current situation. Recommended reading to all. Required reading for Daughter. Well, as long as she lets me get away with that crack anyway.

* * UPDATE * *

Greyhawk over at The Mudville Gazette has an analysis of this analysis you also need to read called Mission Accomplished?
  • No - not yet.
    But I believe
    this article is the most accurate, fact-based, and level headed assessment of the situation - both current and historical - in Iraq as I've ever read.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Iraq debate

Just a quick post to point you to another good read. This from spree over at Wake Up America called The Debate on Iraq Shifts
  • Despite earlier reports, and despite the far left liberal unhinged (Daily Kos) trying to "advise" Pelosi and Hoyer to sign on to the ridiculously obvious last ditch desperate attempt from Obey, who proposed a non stater idea of a "war tax", which Pelosi and Reid promptly dismissed, the debate has shifted as the out of Iraq caucus realizes finally that no bill that includes timelines or withdrawal dates will get through the Senate, especially with the success and progress being seen in Iraq.

Iraq update October 2, 2007

As the bad news out of Iraq begins to dry up, so does the coverage by the mainstream media. So much for the theory that the bad news reports were caused by that being a bigger story than the good news stories, so they had priority. The MSM is merely reporting less now, not reporting more of the good as the bad goes down. That should pretty much describe to you what the MSM motivation is. I've decided that, even though it probably gets somewhat mundane to read, I'll continue with the Iraq updates for awhile longer. I'll try to mix in some writing so you're not just stuck with the links to Iraq stories, though.

On the menu today:

Uncle Jimbo over at BlackFive has President Gore Invades Iraq?
  • I don't think so. But Roger L. Simon does:

    So back to the post-9/11 “President Gore” at the critical juncture of late 2002, when the US was taking aim at the brutal Iraqi dictator. What would Al have done? Most leaders of his own party – although they do their best to deny it now – were primed to take out Saddam. Would Al have been among them, leading the charge?...

Bill Roggio over at The Long War Journal has Captured Iranian agent identified, 15 Special Groups operatives captured in Iraq
  • Task Force 88 captured 15 Special Groups operatives, as Multinational Forces Iraq names the Iranian Qods Force officer captured in northern Iraq. Multinational Forces Iraq also states Iran is providing shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles to insurgents.
Task Force 88 is the one that was the hunter/killer teams that consisted of Seals, Delta Force, British SAS, and other "unnamed affiliation" groups. Iraqi special forces would most likely have a part, too.

From The Thunder Run is Good News From Iraq
  • What’s happening in Iraq that isn’t being reported by the MSM?

    First up we learn that Ameriya is stepping up and beginning to provide for their own security as they conduct an Iraqi Police recruiting drive:
Okay, this isn't Iraq, but still it's a must read, also from The Thunder Run called A Stunning Senior Moment
  • Found in my inbox when I returned from the gym.... (H/T: FP)

    A very self-important college freshman attending a recent football game, took it upon himself to explain to a senior citizen sitting next to him why it was impossible for the older generation to understand his generation.

Now THAT'S gun control

B Huessien Obama today said if elected president he would pursue a global ban on nuclear weapons. Well, that would certainly solidify his liberal credentials. Only liberals believe if you take weapons away from people that you would somehow take them away from everybody. Never sinks in to them that the only people you take them away from are the good guys. The bad guys don't really care what your gun control laws are. Posting signs that state "Gun Free Zone" is going to scare away the bad guys? I need to talk to you about this bridge I have for sale...

So, that means that when he is President, and he gets together with (according to him) our two best allies, China and the EU, to attack a nuclear Pakistan he won't be using nukes. Let us know how that works out for you, Obama...

The Rush hubbub

Ann Coulter has it right. If Democrats had any brains they'd be Republicans.

To get you up to date with the latest attack by the left on Rush Limbaugh. Rush, in an interview about the Iraq war, was discussing some of the anti-war crowd, and more specifically, the various soldiers that have anti-war sentiment and have "created" a military career in order to bad mouth the military and the Bush administration. They have had several, similar tacks. Usually, atrocities by our troops that they were supposedly witness to. Scott Beauchamp was a typical one, but I believe Rush was talking about another one named Jesse McBeth. He referred to them as "phony soldiers". The nerve of him calling those phony soldiers, "phony soldiers".

Harry Reid took the ball and ran with it. Once again though, he ran to the wrong goal line. Scored for the other team...

McBeth is preparing for jail time for his lies and Beauchamp was investigated by the military. They automatically do that when things like what Beauchamp reported might have happened. The investigation found that Beauchamps "stories" were false. The didn't find that they couldn't substantiate his stories, they determined that they, in fact, did not happen.

Hey Baghdad Harry, remember this? You should maybe get this guy for not being a patriot.

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.” - John Kerry

Monday, October 1, 2007

Iraq update October 1, 2007

So, that surge in troop levels that the left claims "has accomplished nothing" appears to really be doing the trick in gaining a good level of security.

From Pat Dollard yesterday is US Military Deaths In Iraq At 14-Month Low - Iranian SAMs Found
  • US military deaths in Iraq stood at a 14-month low on Sunday and Ramadan attacks were sharply down from the last several years, US commanders said.

    As September drew to a close, US military losses for the month stood at 71, the lowest monthly figure since July last year, according to an AFP tally based on Pentagon figures.

    The figure marks the fourth consecutive drop in the monthly death toll.

And then from Pat Dollard today is Iraqi Civilian Deaths Down Fifty Percent
  • BAGHDAD (AP) - Deaths among American forces and Iraqi civilians fell dramatically last month to their lowest levels in more than a year, according to figures compiled by the U.S. military, the Iraqi government and The Associated Press.

    The decline signaled a U.S. success in bringing down violence in Baghdad and surrounding regions since Washington completed its infusion of 30,000 more troops on June 15.

The next issue is that of partitioning Iraq into three sections. This has never seemed like a good idea to me. It was wrong when a Republican brought it forward (Brownback), and it's just as wrong with the Democrats bringing it forward as the Senate did late last week. When I wrap my tiny little pea sized brain around that concept it appears to me that it would increase the likelihood of Iraq moving into civil war. It's that same old bad idea of classifying people then explaining how different they are then the other people. It hasn't worked for racial or gender issues, and it certainly doesn't look to me like it would work for sectarian issues.

Luckily, the Iraq parliament is trying to 'splain it to our Congressional idiots. Another post from Pat Dollards site today called Iraqi Parliament To Debate Reply To U.S. Congress On Tuesday
  • Qadou noted that the Iraqi constitution guarantees the country’s “territorial integrity and national sovereignty,” adding the Congress’ resolution “can never change Iraq’s settled national principles.”

    He said the U.S. resolution “only aimed to cause Iraq to slide into the pits of a civil war only God knows when it will end.”

    “It is the duty of all the national powers (in Iraq) to reject such an insolent resolution and to quickly announce their positions in the face of this trivializing with the sovereignty of Iraq,” he said.

Well, they can a least use this to their advantage. They seem to be uniting into some form of reconciliation nationally in response to the pompous asses in our Congress. Cool, we share a common enemy with the Iraqi people.

Politics in Iraq

Had to add another read for ya. Charles Bird over at Redstate has The environment is there for political reform in Iraq
  • But first, let's start with the title of this recent Los Angeles Times article: Petraeus admits to rise in Iraq violence. The message that the reporter and her editors are sending to their readers is that they know the "truth", and Petraeus was finally cornered in Baghdad and had to 'fess up.

    Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, acknowledged today that violence had increased since Sunni Arab militants declared an offensive during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.