Monday, October 15, 2007

Jackass update

This Jackass update is on Algore. He wins the Nobel Peace Prize over a lady named Irena Sendler. Algore did absolutely nothing to promote peace anywhere in the world and won the award because he's touting man made global warming, which is at best, questionable science, at worst, junk science he can use to put money in his pocket.

Irena Sendler saved 2,500 children in WWII by smuggling them out of Nazi occupied Warsaw and away from certain death. She had all the names written down on paper and stuffed into a jar, buried in her yard. She was discovered and sent to a Nazi prison camp where they totured her (breaking both feet and both legs) to find out the names of the children, and where they might be located. She never cracked, and the children survived. She to this day lives with the pain of her injuries.

Glenn Beck is right, there is no comparison between Irena Sendler and Algore. If she had just replaced all the Nazi's lightbulbs with compact flourescent lightbulbs, then she might have had a chance....

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