Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Flag

Man, I can't believe how the "hate America first" movement has taken hold like it has. Now they're into dissing our American flag. If this doesn't get under your skin, nothing will.

From Uncle Jimbo over at BlackFive Respecting the flag in Reno
  • Some clown in Reno was flying his Mexican flag above the US flag at his cantina and a news crew stopping by to verify this illegal action caught a fine gentleman taking care of the situation the old-fashioned way.
From The Bashman over at Pat Dollard we have Obama Dumps American Flag
  • WTF? Does he have a squirting lapel flower in the mail? Way to go! I’m sure this guy can lead this country…right to hell.

    WATERLOO, Iowa — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has stopped wearing the American flag lapel pin that has become a common symbol of patriotism since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

From The Wolf back over at BlackFive is What does THIS mean to YOU?
  • This is getting UGLY.

    More and more, I'm seeing a lack of respect for the flag. As a symbol, as an item of respect of our nation.

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