Friday, October 19, 2007

The smear letter

The sleazy, slimy, power abusive letter that 41 senators sent to Clear Channel has been sold on Ebay today. Selling price? $2,100,100.00 to a Republican philanthropist. Rush matched the bid and so $4.2 million made for the selected charity. Great job Rush!

The scumbag Harry Reid, though, tried to attach himself to this great deed done by Rush, and Rush alone. You won't believe your eyes when you check out Reid on the floor of the Senate today. Uncle Jimbo has the video over at BlackFive - Game, set, match to Mr. Limbaugh

Uncle Jimbo's take and mine are totally different, so view the video and see what you think.

I think a caller that called into Sean Hannity's show today had a good point. This move by Harry Reid is what you need to get used to and will be the same technique the left is going to use when they have to finally get on the Iraq victory parade. Harry, if you can stomach listening to the diatribe, implies a couple of different things, in my viewpoint. The most offensive to me is that he seems to think the high dollar amount was because it was signed by him and his pompous ass Democrat friends. Anyone with half a brain can see the high dollar amount was in support of Rush and his charity. He also implies that he was a part of the auction, without actually saying it. Just count the "we..." lines he uses.

Hey Harry, you don't get a pass on this one. The only thing you did was abuse your powers more than any politician in the history of our nation.

NightTwister pointed out today, it'll be $6.3 million as soon as that stand up guy Harry Reid matches the selling price. So, it's going to be $4.2 million...

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