Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jackass update (Pelosi)

The jackass Pelosi's political stunt to attempt to sabotage the Iraq war by pushing that "non-binding" resolution calling what the Ottoman Empire did 100 years ago to the Armenians genocide has had some set backs. According to this from the Washington Post called Support Wanes For Armenian Genocide Bill
  • Chances for a U.S. resolution calling the mass killings of Armenians that began in 1915 genocide eroded dramatically last night, as sponsors dropped off in droves and senior Democrats urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to abandon her support.

Keep in mind that, in 1981 President Ronald Reagan declared this already for the U.S., to understand that it's useless and can only have a bad affect on our relations with an ally.

Even if this gets dropped right now, the damage Pelosi wanted to inflict on our troops could already be done. Turkey has pulled it's U.S. ambassador and the Turkish parliament has passed a resolution approving of an incursion into Iraq to go after the PKK. To understand the repercussions of Pelosi's careless act, read The Nancy Pelosi Invasion
  • The overwhelming vote to authorize the invasion demonstrates the declining influence of the US with its NATO partner and Middle East ally, a situation exacerbated by the Congressional effort to censure Turkey over a genocide from a century ago:
Make sure you read the whole thing as Ed goes over the options we are now stuck with. None of them are good, thanks to Pelosi. There is one little tidbit that Pelosi didn't foresee though. Maliki, with his statement of willingness to go after the PKK in a joint operation with the Turkish military could actually further the needed growth of the fledgling (failing according to the jackasses) Iraq government.

Also, although I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere yet, if you look at this very deeply do you see anything Pelosi has done that could be considered treason? The jackasses seem to be skirting with that quite a bit lately. I'd have to check back in history and see who's been convicted of treason and how it compares with this action. On the surface I think people might have been convicted on less, but it'll take some looking into.

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