Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Iraq update October 16, 2007

From various press releases over at MNF-I which you probably don't have the time to read. Reading back through Saturday's releases I count (numbers approximate as I may have missed some) 15 or so Al Qaeda killed and 80 or so captured. Those captured include the number 4 on the most wanted list captured in Baghdad, another who was one of the top five, and the number 2 most wanted man in North Babil.

Now for the situation on the political/reconciliation front:

MNF-I has Commander notes progress in Northwestern Baghdad neighborhoods

And Iraqis help their own with humanitarian aid

And Black Jack Soldiers provide meals, gifts on Muslim holiday

From Pat Dollard Iraqi Delegation Heads To Turkey

From Blackfive over at (coincidently) Blackfive Fallujah, Iraq - Marines say "Peace Is Breaking Out All Over the Place"

And finally, the Washington Post has Al Qaeda in trouble which I'm sure the rest of the MSM will attack full bore as it's good news which the sheeple cannot be told about.

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