Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Iraq coverage by the MSM

I'm done wasting time on trying to reconcile what the main stream media is telling you about Iraq. I used to think that some of them were possibly just misinterpreting what they were seeing and thusly reporting inaccurately. Now, I'm convinced they are intentionally lying. A perfect example is CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan. She was on Leno and Jay asked her "how are we doing" in Iraq? Her answer was:
  • We're doing extremely badly, from my point of view. I was asked if I felt any guilt for the fact that the world has an impression of the war in Iraq as being very bad and going very wrong? And I said I really don't because I can't imagine the last time anyone saw a dead American soldier. We've hidden that from view. Nobody knows what that looks like and I've seen plenty of it. It's much worse than the picture, the image we even have of Iraq.
Okay, if she's the CBS News chief foreign correspondent, then she sees the same stuff we're seeing from the milblogs. At least, she should be seeing it. I'm going to go ahead and give CBS the credit that it actually has reporters that have the pertinent information.

She's out and out lying with that statement. There's no other way to reconcile it with the information we get every day on what's going on over there from the milblogs , Centcom, and the MNF-I websites.

You can read more on the moron over at Newsbusters.

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