Monday, October 8, 2007

Al Qaeda becoming desperate

Amir Taheri over at the New York Post online is reporting on an assassination of an Al Qaeda operative in Syria and how it's an indicator of how badly things are going with Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda's inability to convince Americas Democrats to surrender Iraq to them, the arrest of a major financier in Iraq last week, and now this all add up to make for some not so happy days for Al Qaeda world wide. It's a good read called QAEDA ON THE RUN
  • October 8, 2007 -- UNKNOWN gunmen murdered Muhammad Gul Aghasi - one of the key "theologians" of al Qaeda - at a mosque in northern Syria last month. Candidates for the fiery preacher's killing include rivals within his own radical group, agents of the Americans - and his Syrian hosts. Whatever the truth, this is bad news for the already ailing al Qaeda.
Thanks to Captains Quarters for the link.

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