Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Diyala Awakening

I'm not sure if you saw it or not, but on Sunday 10 Sunni and Shiite sheiks were kidnapped by rogue Shiite militiamen. I know I didn't get it into a post, but they were leaving a meeting where they had come to agreement to unite against terrorists and join forces with the Coalition. Initial reports had them kidnapped by Al Qaeda but it was discovered yesterday that it was Shiite militia.

Pat Dollard has the story on their rescue which was pulled off by Iraqi soldiers with a little back up by Coalition forces. Another great read - Heroic Sheiks Beaten With Tire Irons, Humiliated: “We Will Stay The Course”
  • BAGHDAD - It had to be done quickly. Rogue Shiite militiamen were holding hostage a group of Sunni and Shiite tribal sheiks who had joined a revolt against al-Qaida. For the Iraqi government and its U.S. backers, the seven men represented an inspiring symbol of national unity.

    A daring rescue operation secured their freedom.

More courageous Iraqis. I vote we stay awhile and help them put together a new country.


Also from Pat Dollard - Diyala Sunni And Shiite Tribes Reach Historic Alliance
I initially thought this was the same group, but it might be another Diyala Awakening. Either way, it's worth reading.

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