Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New movie release

Came out last night and it's called Shallow Hill. Spree over at Wake Up America has the review on Hillary's very badly done performance in the Democrat debate last night - Hillary Clinton Flipped, then Flopped and Now Does a Backflip
  • Sometimes when you screw up badly enough, you need to just sit down, shut up and pray to high heaven that people will forget about it.

    Not Hillary Clinton...oh no.
After you read Clinton's responses to the questions, you'll notice it's all Clintonspeak. Spree sees it as most reviewers do as flip-flopping on the answers. I think with Clintonspeak, the important thing to notice is nothing is stated, only implied. That's where she got hung out to dry by Russert. He thought he could get her to actually say a position and Clintons will never do that as the need to be seen on the other side of the issue, somewhere down the road is too important to compromise. It's critical with Clintonspeak that you be able to say "I never said that" when confronted with the implied message.

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