Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Victory in Iraq or VI day?

So, from the last post we have the fact that the media (old) is lying to us and laughing about it. Now, I see a democratic strategist on the TV saying we can't win a war with Iran because, as she put it, we're not winning in Iraq, so how could we possibly win a war with Iran? That's an official strategist. There can be no doubt left in your minds that the Democrats are married to a loss in Iraq after hearing that, can there?

Now, for reality (what the nightly news doesn't want you to know).

You'll remember back to last week, I posted a link to a post by a middle east expert called Mission Accomplished where the author was stating that we've already won the war in Iraq. I can't quite go that far and think we may be well on our way to victory, but most likely not quite there. Today, from the U.S. News and World Report we have - A Decent Outcome for Iraq
  • Peace has not come to the streets of Baghdad, but the center holds. Our very American "benchmarks" for measuring the progress of Iraq can't capture the reality of that land. There is no "oil law," it is true, but the oil bounty is being shared equitably across the regions. The Iraqi government, through a relentless insurgency, maintains and meets a payroll for 3.4 million of its citizens. And in the provinces, there is a scramble for budgets and economic projects. "A year ago, we could not give money to the provincial governors; they could not use it. Now they are in competition for funds, and economic life stirs," Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh, who oversees the service sector of the government, said to me.

Reading that one makes you understand that we might be even closer to victory then any of us are seeing. I'm now to the point to where I can actually see this being a non-issue come election time and since the Democrats have bet the house on losing the war, could be in some trouble.

That one is another must read.

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