Sunday, October 28, 2007

Iraq update October 28, 2007 - part II

From W. Thomas Smith Jr. over at The Tank - Who is Sen. Chris Dodd Talking To?
  • Politicians like Dodd have to constantly remind us that they've been to Iraq, though they never tell us how they are almost always surrounded by an entourage of civilian staffers and military public affairs officers, and escorted to relatively safe sectors of the country.
From MNF-I - More Soldiers, new firearms, better procedures, strengthen Iraqi Army
  • BAGHDAD — Vast improvements to Iraq’s national Army are leading to a force that will eventually stand on its own, a Coalition commander said today.
Again, from MNF-I - Coalition forces capture extremist splinter group leader
  • BAGHDAD — Coalition forces captured a senior militia extremist, killed two others and detained an additional 14 admitted criminals during operations in the village of al Fawwaliyah, northwest of Khalis, early Saturday.

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