Thursday, October 25, 2007

The old media strikes again

The latest idiocy from the old media is the new story going around the internet about a writer for the Sacramento Bee named Bobby Caina Calvan. Calvan blogged about an encounter he had at a security post in the Green Zone in Baghdad. This is a pretty amazing display of pompous assedness. You will need to read the post and then the laugh track (comment thread on the original post) and see 196 ways to call an asshole an asshole. The writer got hammered and pulled his site down. No matter, through due diligence from several places, the post and comments were archived off and are still available. I think I'll route you to it via a trusted source who's commentary always helps us to gain the proper perspective. Uncle Jimbo over at BlackFive with Knight Ridder, Night Rider you got some ID Chump?
  • I am going to strike out a new path and do some bashing of a dino media maroon. I know, the last limb of the last tree, but let's go anyhow. Winner of the Golden Bung award, Sacramento Bee reporter Bobby Caina Calvan. h/t Cancel the Bee. Intrepid wanker has identification problems
There are lots of links to that including Michelle Malkin, but no offense to the rest of them, Uncle Jimbo has proven commentary abilities...

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