Friday, October 12, 2007

The Democrats

I think it's very appropriate that the symbol for their party is a Jackass.

First Jackass tonight? Dr. Algore. A judge in England ruled that, in order to show his "schlockumentary", the English schools need to first point out the 9 lies Algore uses in it. Just minor little things like his claim that the antarctic ice caps are shrinking when actuality they're growing. To prove how much of a joke the award is, he got a Nobel Peace Prize today.

Second Jackass is John Murtha. I'm not sure you saw anything about it, but a year and a half ago, a platoon of marines was hit by and IED in Haditha, Iraq, and then came under immediate small arms fire. They defended themselves and killed as many of the enemy as possible, before the enemy ran off. Some Iraqi citizens in the area (most likely under duress from Al Qaeda pressures) claimed the people killed were all innocent civilians. John Murtha, before the smoke even cleared on the issue, stated that the marines had murdered these civilians in cold blood because George W. Bush had them under too much pressure. At the time of this statement by Murtha an investigation into it had not even started. He claimed to have information on it and the marines would soon be found guilty. The marines have all been cleared of any wrongdoing now, and today we find out the information people in our Government had was proof of innocence, not guilt. Murtha flat out lied in a purely political move.

Third Jackass tonight is Nancy Pelosi and this is why I don't think the Democrats have given up on forcing us to surrender in Iraq. Pelosi this week is pushing a bill that condemns the Ottoman Empire of genocide 100 years ago. What is to be gained? Absolutely nothing. The Ottoman Empire doesn't exist anymore. It's now Turkey. Turkey, who is an ally of ours. Turkey, who is letting us supply our troops in Iraq through Turkey and through Turkey's airspace. Their airspace would be pretty important if war with Iran has to happen, too. Nothing is gained here and we've pissed off an ally. What the hell is it with the Jackass party and their never ending attack on our allies? Now, we just need the Jackasses to, once again, complain that George W. Bush is alienating us from the world to make this totally absurd.

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