Sunday, October 28, 2007

Iraq update October 28, 2007

It's been awhile so I'll have to just hit some of the highlights. Sorry, I've been knocked down with the flu for the last week.

First off, from Pat Dollard - Dems’ Nightmare: Anbar Awakening Leaders Heading To U.S.
  • RAMADI, Iraq - Sheik Ahmed Abu Risha, who took over as leader of anti-al-Qaida Sunni tribes after his brother was assassinated, said he will leave Thursday for a two-week trip to the United States.

Also from Pat Dollard - How We Crushed Al Qaeda In Iraq
  • Winning One Battle, Fighting the Next America needs to be heartened by our success in Iraq, and seize a victory. by Frederick W. Kagan
  • America has won an important battle in the war on terror. We turned an imminent victory for Al Qaeda In Iraq into a humiliating defeat for them and thereby created an opportunity for further progress not only in Iraq, but also in the global struggle. In the past five months, terrorist operations in and around Baghdad have dropped by 59 percent. Car bomb deaths are down by 81 percent. Casualties from enemy attacks dropped 77 percent. And violence during the just-completed season of Ramadan–traditionally a peak of terrorist attacks–was the lowest in three years.
Another from Pat Dollard regarding a province transferring to Iraqi control - US Handing Karbala Over To Iraqis
  • NAHRAWAN, Iraq- U.S. forces will turn over security to Iraqi authorities in Karbala province, a Shiite region in south, on Monday, the American commander for the area said. The much-delayed process has been punctuated by fierce fighting between rival militia factions.

Pat Dollard's site again - Just In Time: Nabbed Suicide Bomber Blows Self Up In House
  • MUQDADIYA, Iraq – Acting on a tip from a local citizen, a group of Concerned Local Citizens located a suicide bomber, who detonated himself upon discovery in Muqdadiya Oct. 26.

I think that's it for this post. I'll do a "part 2" later tonight.

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