Thursday, November 8, 2007

Twisted Logic

The Democrats are somewhat facing reality on the Iraq war situation and they find themselves having to admit things are improving. Everyone paying attention knows the Iraq situation is improving. They real strangeness comes in when they still try to apply their logic to it while attempting to convince the sheeple that they're the answer and Bush is still evil. It'd be funny if they didn't defame our troops while doing it.

First there was Congressman Obey earlier in the week stating that violence was down because we've killed everybody. From Redstate - Congressman Obey RE surge: violence down because ‘We’ve run out of people to kill’

Now, it's Baghdad Harry's turn. He says it's due to the enemy's successes. Also from Redstate - Harry Reid Finds Success in Iraq
  • On the floor of the Senate Tuesday, during leadership time, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Searchlight) made a statement on the occasion of the year 2007 becoming the deadliest year for US troops since the Iraq War began. One might find this an odd cause for recognition on the floor of the Senate, but not Sen. Reid. For him, the sacrifices of our brave troops provided an opportunity to both score political points against the war and, perhaps more importantly, denigrate the successes they are achieving every day as part of the troop surge.
That's real classy ain't it? It's a failure because it was successful, I believe is the twisted logic applied here.

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