Friday, December 7, 2007

They've gone insane

With Bush Derangement Syndrome running rampant in the Democrat party, I usually expect them to get all up in arms over the littlest things, but now they've gone off the deep end. Time to get the straight jackets out.

Today's "flip out" is over the CIA destroying some video tapes they didn't want our enemies to ever get to see. Sensible and what we should expect the CIA to do. We need to be a little upset if they aren't doing that on a regular basis.

The CIA would have very little value to us as a nation if they didn't make every attempt at secrecy.

The Democrats are livid. The main points I get out of that is that they are clueless on national security, extremely stupid collectively, and they care more for our enemy's "rights" than they do about our country.

I'm afraid we're gonna need to lock them up before they hurt someone.


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