Saturday, December 29, 2007


I haven't been able to sort out the situation there yet. I've been reading a lot of opinions, but there are so many variables at this time I don't see a clear cut picture of what the appropriate actions the U.S. should take.

I am stuck with one thought though. If the Democrats hadn't dismantled our military so much, we could be following Al Qaeda as the flee Iraq and return to Afghanistan. Damn, it sucks to be so short handed militarily.

Another new piece to the puzzle reported by Pat Dollard - Teenie Vs Al Qaeda And Musharraf? Bhutto’s 19 Year Old Son To Step In As Successor

Apparently, Bhutto named her 19 year old son as her successor in the Pakistan People's Party, but he will not be running for Prime Minister.



NightTwister said...

Any chance the "surge troops" if they came home early (based on your previous blog) could be sent to Afghanistan to deal with this?

Geary said...

I think that's possible. I also read a month or so ago that the Marines out in Anbar Province are really bored and want to relocate to Afghanistan too. They're building schools and stuff and they say (to paraphrase) "isn't that what the Army is for?"