Monday, December 17, 2007

Hills, babes, it ain't working

So, here's the annoying Hillary "personality" in a nutshell. When she's asked a serious question that she's uncomfortable answering, she goes into that cackle, hysterical laughter mode. You're seeing more and more of it these days. It's all part of the "softening up" of her image, according to her campaign. If that's the goal, it's missing the mark by a mile. She comes off as as someone not up on the issue. When you watch one of these interviews and agree with the interviewer that it's a legitimate question, then it's very condescending to you that she laughs off the question. And no, she doesn't appear any softer. She appears unintelligent.

Too bad. I was hoping she'd somehow survive the Democrat primary so she could implode in the general election. Or, survive the Democrat primary and get steamrolled by Fred. Seriously, can't you envision a debate between the littlest brain against the biggest brain? Oh well, she continues to go all 'fingernails on chalkboard" so if we can get Fred nominated he'll most likely have to take on either Obama or Edwards. He matches up well with either of those two, so it's all good.


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