Thursday, December 13, 2007

Poor Nancy

Looks like everyone is bailing on Nancy Pelosi. She can't get anything done and it's everyone else's fault. Even the Democrats have had enough and there's rumblings of replacing her. She's a failure. I won't get into all the different issues, but I will address the Iraq war one. She says she was unable to end the war due to Republicans that wouldn't sign on to her program. According to San Fran Nan, the Republicans evidently like being at war in Iraq. There's your proof that she's clinically brain dead. So for Nancy, and anyone else that mistakenly thinks that way, let me set you straight.

No one likes war. No one. That however is the only common ground we have. We do like to win wars when we get in them, unlike Nancy who is striving to lose. There are only 2 ways to end a war. You win it or you lose it. The reason Republicans don't sign onto the Nancy platform is that it is to intentionally lose. They understand that we are currently winning the war and that only a fool would choose to lose it now. There are other things we like that are of lesser importance, for instance the removal of the tyrant Saddam Husein who is no longer massacring hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's. We also like the fact that Al Qaeda isn't free to run terrorist training camps all over Iraq (like the 2 they had in northern Iraq when we invaded).


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