Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Clinton/Obama contest

From just the highlights of the last debate between the Democrats in Iowa it's becoming clearer to me that one of Hillary's major problems is actually her personality. The moderator asked Obama, since he has a lot of former Clinton advisers on his staff, how he could still claim to be the "change" candidate. Hillary could be heard in the background in what I can only describe as a cackle saying "yeah, I'd like to know that too...". Obama swiftly issued a well deserved put down. Hillary came out looking ridiculous and should be real glad Obama can't think on his feet fast enough to point out that there must be a reason all the former Clinton people are on his staff, like maybe she's the wrong candidate.

To me she comes off very obnoxious, but giving her a break, I'll say she comes off looking small and petty.


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