Monday, December 17, 2007

How's Iraq you ask?

It appears to be doing well, thanks for asking.

First, Bill Roggio has a post up covering the misreporting about the British turnover of Basrah - Basrah: Missing the Iraqi Security Force Deployment. It's been claimed that the British failed and have now turned over Basrah to the terrorists. Read Bill's post to understand the hand off to the Iraqi's and how it's not what you've been told.

Bill also has this up concerning Al Qaeda going after the Awakening movements - The Awakening, al Qaeda clash in Iraq. An interesting part of this post is that the Al Qaeda announced a war against the Awakenings to run until January 29th and then the Iraqi's actually initiated the fighting. It would almost make you feel sorry for Al Qaeda. Well no, it won't, but ya gotta love the Iraqi's being up for the game.

And, while we're visiting The Long War Journal Bill also has one up called Iraq by the numbers: Graphing the decrease in violence.

You want me to poke around for more? Not a problem. It's all over the web if anyone wants to look for it.


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