Thursday, December 6, 2007

Reconciliation happens

It was pretty apparent months ago that the Democrats were going to need to shift their stance on Iraq some. As expected, when faced with overwhelming proof that the surge was working, the shift was going to aim at reconciliation and lack of political progress on some benchmarks laid out by our government. It took them a few months longer than I expected it would, but they are Democrats after all. They have partially gone this predicted route.

Now for the bad news for the Democrats (and one that will obviously take months for them to figure out) is, they lose on this one to.

MNF-I has Reconciliation takes center stage across Multi-National Division - Center
  • CAMP VICTORY, Iraq – The number of Iraqi-led reconciliation efforts swelled over the past two weeks across Multi-National Division – Center as local Iraqi leaders seek to capitalize on an improved security situation by developing the institutions that will enable long-term stability.
It's ironic that they moved so slow to shift positions that the window of opportunity closed on them. Also, remember that the political changes are happening from the bottom up now and so they'll soon lose that as a battle ground too.


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