Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow Blower

On a lighter note.

Living in snow country, and being somewhat lazy, I've tried to find the easiest tool to use for snow removal. I've got the light powdery stuff covered. It's a leaf blower built by Troy-Bilt. The TB120BV. It's electric and I have to drag around 100 plus feet of cord, but it gets the job done. I can cover my driveway, the sidewalk up and down the street for both houses on either side. I could even do their driveways, if I was so inclined.

The TB120BV produces wind speeds of 215 mph. That alone should make you want to run right out and get one, but don't be mislead, it's not for blowing leaves around. I know this for a fact. It blows the rocks out of the landscaping, it blows up loose pieces of concrete from your driveway, and pretty much sends any mulch you have into low earth orbit. Do not attempt to use it as a leaf blower.

Now, as a snow blower, it's top of the line. The neighbors all seem to have those 2 cycle gas powered jobs and are very optimistic of their potential for snow blowing. They are out there as soon as an inch or two pile up and slowly blow it around.

Me? I head out every 4 inches or so and create a snow cloud that just envelopes the whole block. When I'm done, I'm pretty much caked with snow from head to toe, but the damn driveway is spotless. Not to mention, there's no loose concrete on it anymore.

Gotta like that...



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