Monday, December 31, 2007

Iraq, Al Qaeda, and the long war

Al Qaeda in Iraq has consolidated somewhat in Diyala Province in northern Iraq. They've lost a lot of ground in 2007, but have somewhat gained a foothold in Diyala Province. Bill Roggio at The Long War Journal has the details - Al Qaeda establishes "a haven in Diyala". Don't forget to check the maps he provides as it helps in understanding. The first map is a great graphic presentation of where Al Qaeda was at the beginning of the year and where they are now.
  • With al Qaeda in Iraq's bases of operations dismantled in the central Baghdad regions, Diyala province has emerged as the primary battleground between Iraqi and Coalition forces and the terror group.

According to Bill's report, the attack on Al Qaeda in Diyala will be mostly carried out by the Awakenings and the Concerned Local Citizen groups.

Pat Dollard reports that the upcoming assault on Al Qaeda in the north will start in two weeks. Massive New Offensive Planned Against Al Qaeda

  • “In 2008, joint U.S.-Iraqi forces would stage large-scale operation to crack down on al-Qaeda organization in Diala river basin, Mosul and along the area the network was operating,” Admiral Gregory Smith, the U.S. army communications officer, said in a press conference held in Baghdad.

After that, go back over to Bill Roggio at the Long War Journal and get a summary of this years progess in the long war with The State of Jihad: 2007

Bill's reports are very detailed, so I won't even attempt to summarize that last one. You'll need to read it.


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