Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An appeal for Fred

As you know, I’m a Fredhead and I believe it’s very important to get him elected. For a while there I figured that it would be a matter of getting someone to run against Clinton who could easily take her down. Now, it looks like she’s imploding so who knows who it’s going to be. That’s still good though, as Fred is laying out policies that will make him the clear choice for most of America. He has legitimate, sound, and well thought out plans on fixing Social Security, the tax system, immigration, and rebuilding our military. At the same time, he plans on bringing down the size of government, not growing it bigger as the Democrats are promising to do. He looks good in the general election to me. For more on Fred’s positions spend a little time at his website:


And check out his new TV ad while you're there.

At this point, Fred is currently bussing around Iowa trying to get his message out for the Iowa Caucus coming up on January 3rd. He’ll be hitting as many towns per day as he can for the next 8 days. This is where I’m asking for a little help for him. We need Fred to get the nomination. If you feel as I do that he’s the guy to put up on the Republican side, whether you’re a Republican or not, give him a donation if you can. We’re running another “Fred day”. Even if you can only give $25, that’s still going to help. Fred has that new ad we need to get on the airwaves.

Fred08 - Contribute Now

Thanks, and now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

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