Thursday, December 20, 2007

Too bad the debate is over

Man made global warming support is based on a consensus of 52 scientists. Spree and HCdL over at Wake up America are reporting on a U.S. Senate report just released that has 8 times as many that are disputing that it's man made. Since the MSM is going to find it hard to act like this report didn't come out and will have to report on it, this will most likely cause a reshaping of the scientific discussions. 400 Scientists Dispute Man Made Global Warming Claims
  • Is this a politically correct way of thinking? No. It's a realistic way of thinking. Political correctness is an indoctrination into thinking like a group of people want you to think, rather than using your own rational mind to come to a conclusion based upon fact rather than feeling.
I wonder if the Academy awards and Nobel people are feeling a little ripped off. After all, they were told the debate is over. Apparently, the debate my just be getting started.

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