Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Computer

So, my Christmas morning starts off with me discovering that my PC died. No lights, no nothing. I got out the laptop so I could check news since I don't subscribe to newspapers anymore. Naturally, most of the morning the thing needed to install all the updates released over the last year or so...

I figured it was no big deal. Probably time to get something newer anyway. I wasn't looking forward to blogging off the laptop, but it would work.

Over Christmas dinner at my folks, I mentioned it and Dad responded that he had a fairly new "white box" just sitting there. A short discussion about whether he needed it for anything, and then it was in the truck. I've spent most of the afternoon configuring it, but all in all it's pretty much up and running at this point.

Now that was truly a special Christmas gift. Start the day dead in the water, and end it with a pretty decent computer upgrade. Ya gotta love that!


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