Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We help Turkey attack the PKK inside Iraq

In an interesting development, the U.S. has given Turkey intelligence to help them with their incursion into Northern Iraq to attack the PKK. The Washington Post has it here.

It's obviously a touchy problem. So far we've averted the Nancy Pelosi war, but the PKK issue is still large. I think helping Turkey with their targeting accomplishes many goals. The main one being that the Kurds now understand that, if they won't do something about the PKK, we aren't going to protect them and will instead help Turkey go after the terrorists. That should be very clear to the Kurds now. If the still refuse to clean up the mess, they will not have much room to complain that we assist Turkey in cleaning it up.

Helping with the targeting gives a better chance of lower civilian casualties.

Turkey is somehow still an ally, despite Pelosi's attempt to drive them off. I'm just fine with us helping an ally fight terrorists.


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