Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hillary's experience

If I understand the Hillary camp correctly, she's claiming that being married to a President is part of this experience she has. This has always seemed absurd to me. I haven't figured out how to blog about it being absurd without just sounding like someone who merely hates the woman.

Until tonights drive home from work, that is. I finally threaded my way through the analysis part. I can actually explain why this isn't experience through my real life experience.

It was failed marriage #3. I'll refer to her as #3. When #3 and I got married I was (and still am) a computer support person. #3 didn't have much experience with them at that point, so naturally, I exposed her to lots of potential uses and did what I could to get her up to speed on computers. I decided early on the technical "why's" of how it all works wouldn't help her as much as it would take away from the enjoyment of using them, so anytime I was asked, I gave #3 very short, simplistic answers. All in all, this worked very well. She embraced the technology and proudly told all our friends that I had taught her computers. We had hiccups from time to time like the day she called me at work in a panic saying "I don't know what I did but the computer said it was illegal, so I shut it down". She intended to leave the thing off until I got home from work and could look at it. I gave a short explanation about it just being a badly worded error message and told her the cops were not on their way there so she could turn it back on and continue.

Lets take this through to the logical end. If #3 knocked on your door and explained that she was starting up a local computer repair shop and cited her experience as being married to me at one time and then related my work experience to you, would you slam the door on her or have her come in and work on your computer?


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