Friday, August 31, 2007

Puzzle pieces

Matt Sanchez has a post up where he reiterates what Jeff Emanuel posted (and I pointed you to) yesterday about CBS sending Katie Couric over to Iraq to "get the real story" and how that's going to be the last thing she'll provide. Matt has added an interesting puzzle piece though. The post is The Statement is Worth Repeating.
  • Jeff made some excellent points about the mainstream journalist including the fact that:

  1. They rarely embed with troops on the ground
  2. They often use "stringers". In Ramadi, I met a stringer who worked for CNN, Reuters and Al Qaeda.
  3. Many reporters refuse to venture "outside the wire", but these journalists influence the perception of the war to the American public.
  • This statement is worth repeating, "If the media are the eyes, ears and voice of a nation, we are currently deaf, dumb and blind."
He met a stringer that worked for CNN, Reuters, and Al Qaeda. I''m sure that would in no way contribute to the old media always seeming to support the enemy.

On a different line. I've been saying the story of the Iraq war was The Anbar Salvation Council and that the media missed it. One piece of that puzzle is provided to us by Pat Dollard in his post The Late Captain Patriquin’s “How To Win The War In Al Anbar”.

You need to visit both links. The first are Captain Patriquin's annimations, and the second the story of an American hero who worked with The Anbar Salvation Council. Sheik Sittar wept when he heard of Captian Patriquin's death.

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