Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And then there's Obama

Since he's just as bad as the rest of the anti-war surrender monkey's, we can't leave him out. He also says the surge is working and so we need to "redeploy". Pat Dollard has his take on it with Obama Believes A Military Is Not Necessary For Security In Iraq.
  • When Obama says “There is no military solution in Iraq”, what else can he mean? Given that there can be no political solution without a military component to provide the requisite security, why does he think that removing the only viable military force in the country will lead to a political solution? He doesn’t believe it, he just hopes you won’t notice the absurdity of his position so he can continue to pander to his anti-victory base. We in the pro-victory movement have never said there is an exclusively military solution, but instead that there is no solution without a viable military component to enforce and protect it. Only an idiot could disagree. And since he’s not an idiot, he’s clearly a liar when he pretends that the Right is considering an exclusively military solution to Iraq’s problems.

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