Sunday, August 26, 2007

Iraqi Politics

Senator Clinton says Maliki needs to be removed from office. Considering he's accomplished more in his political career than she has in hers, I wonder what her recommendations are for people in our Congress who aren't doing any real work.

So, to recap the political progress happening in Iraq. It's happening from the bottom up, not the top down that the Democrats are screaming for. Top down is unimportant and would most likely fail. Bottom up starts with the people and cannot help but succeed.

Remember Michael Yon's Bread and a Circus part I and part II.

Remember too, The Anbar Salvation Council. Several other Salvation Councils are up and running in many other provinces including Diyala.

And, if she believes we shouldn't be in Iraq helping them, then in my opinion, she has no right saying anything about their government. What another great "pompous ass" moment. She's basically saying we need out because those guys will never get it together but on the other hand she feels the need to meddle in their affairs. Nice leadership, Hillary.

Why stop there though? Shouldn't she tell Israel what they're doing wrong? Iran? Russia? China? This approach really is a spineless one, in my opinion.

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