Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Major Sunni flips on Al Qeada

Bill Roggio at The Fourth Rail has this Iraq Report: Al Douri flips on al Qaeda.
  • Baathist turned al Qaeda leader Izzat Ibrahim al Douri turns on al Qaeda; operations against al Qaeda in Iraq.
Wake up America has al-Maliki working behind the scenes.
  • The other day we made mention of the fact that al-Maliki, despite the Iraq parliamentary being on the highly criticized "vacation", was working behind the scenes on political progress by courting the Sunni's.
Pat Dollard has Roggio: Saddam’s #2 Quits Al Qaeda, Allies With U.S. which obviously points you back to Roggio, but with some Pat Dollard commentary which we value highly.
  • Al Douri was #6 of the 52 most wanted men in Iraq after the fall of Saddam. He was considered Saddam’s #2 to #3 guy. When I first hit Iraq, his rep was that of the #1 mastermind of the Sunni Baathist insurgency, running and funding it from Syria. He’s been seriously ill for years, as well.

All three stories are based on a story by the Italian news service AKI called Iraq: Baathists 'disown al-Qaeda.

This has a really huge sound to it and hopefully we'll get more stories on it over the next couple of days. We definitely need another source to report it to help confirm, though.

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