Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Update on the trade

I don't think it's gonna happen. First problem we have is the rest of the league will probably nix it. Iraq has a starter and we're offering a player who's done nothing. The game film will have them laughing hysterically. We risk nothing and gain a competent player. Secondly, the socialized medicine idea is failing all over the world, so Iraq would only have to look at the active examples of it to see it has no value. That was our best selling point. And thirdly, as with most cultures around the world, they won't automatically give her the benefit of the doubt on her claims, as we do, just because she's a girl and therefore needs special treatment.

Dang, it was a great idea though.

In good faith we need to pull this trade off the table. Seriously, I've reviewed the game film on Hillary and she can't run, she can't pass, every decision she makes is the wrong one, and when she steps behind center to bark out signals, everyone on the team ends up getting a headache.

Hmmmm, maybe we should look at the U.N. roster..... Maybe we can do something there...

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