Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dumbfounded looks

The Democrats now have almost a perfect record on Iraq. Hillary especially. When one of them comments on the situation we are almost assured they will be 100% wrong. Todays news is that Maliki has formed the needed alliance in the government to pursue reconciliation and to start working toward meeting the benchmarks our lazy-asses in Congress set for them. The middle of September will be interesting and I expect several of those dumbfounded looks to be forth coming. Wake Up America has all the details on the great news in Military Progress Allows Room for Political Progress in Iraq.
  • I don't know how many times I have seen it said and said myself that the surge that is seeing such progress as has been stated by every politician that has just returned from Iraq, was meant to give the Iraqi politicians the breathing room to reconcile and make headway.

    Despite criticism far and wide about the Iraqi Parliament going on vacation, we said that they would be working behind the scenes as was evidenced by al-Maliki courting the Sunni's last week.
Now all the pieces are in place for "top down" political progress to go hand in hand with the "bottom up" progress that's been underway. As long as we can help keep the piece until the Iraqi's are up to providing it fully, things should progress nicely.

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