Friday, August 3, 2007

A little AC DC for ya

And, if you don't know your AC DC this isn't going to be nearly as interesting.

Marine Corps News has a a must read called Highlanders Rock on with Mawtini.

COMBAT OUTPOST RAWAH, Iraq – (Aug. 2, 2007) -- North of the Euphrates River, an unusual sound began to echo across the sands and through the hills, gradually building until words and instruments could be recognized.

“…thunder…,” pause.

Suddenly the ground shook as a mortar round, loosed by Lance Cpl. Shelby A. Weathers, exited its tube and ripped through the air, landing over a mile away on the side of a hill.


“…I was caught in the middle of a lightning attack…”

Well, you get an idea of what it is from that. It's a must read for you Rock fans.

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