Sunday, August 26, 2007

Iraq update August 26, 2007

Bill Roggio has a post up at The Fourth Rail regarding Targeting the networks.
  • Operation Phantom Strike, the effort to disrupt al Qaeda and Shia terror cells throughout Iraq continues even as al Qaeda in Iraq is launching its counteroffensive ahead of the Ambassador Crocker and Gen. Petraeus' September report to Congress on the state of Iraq. Coalition and Iraqi security forces struck over the past few days at al Qaeda and the Iranian-backed Shia terror networks.

Bill also has an update on the Al Qaeda Counteroffensive up over at The Weekly Standard.
  • Al Qaeda in Iraq has ramped up its attacks against Iraqi civilians and Iraqi and U.S. security forces over the past 48 hours. The effort demonstrates that al Qaeda in Iraq still possesses the capacity to launch a counteroffensive to the ongoing U.S. and Iraqi operations and is seeking to influence the upcoming debate in the U.S. Al Qaeda in Iraq has launched its version of the Tet Offensive.

Pat Dollard has a post up called U.S. Attacks "Bad" Police Station In Diyala.
  • Dyiala, Aug 26, (VOI) – Four policemen were killed and at least 11 others wounded when U.S. helicopters opened fire at a police station in Khanaqin district, Diala province, on Sunday, local residents said.

Ralph Peters has SENATOR WARNER'S BAD WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS up over at the New York Post site.
  • Out here in Anbar Province - long the most troubled in Iraq - the change has come so swiftly and thoroughly that it's dazzling. Marines who were under fire routinely just months ago are now directing their former enemies in battle.

    Although this trend has been reported, our battlefield leaders here agree that the magnitude of the shift hasn't registered back home: Al Qaeda is on the verge of a humiliating, devastating strategic defeat - rejected by their fellow Sunni Muslims.

    If we don't quit, this will not only be a huge practical win - it'll be the information victory we've been aching for.

    No matter what the Middle Eastern media might say, everyone in the Arab and greater Sunni Muslim world will know that al Qaeda was driven out of Iraq by a combination of Muslims and Americans.

And, that's a great one to finish off this update. Go read the whole thing.

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