Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Captain Reid

So, the "we've lost the war" ship is all but sunk. When we last saw him, Harry Reid had himself lashed to the helm by one of the crew. I figured he'd be frantically trying to untie the knots and jump ship with all the other rats that jumped earlier in the week.


He's gonna go ahead stay with her. Apparently, with the water up to his knees, he still thinks he can keep it afloat. From an old media report on the President's speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars today, we get this quote:
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., dismissed Bush's position.
    "Today our soldiers remain caught in the middle of a civil war and the president's strategy is still failing to deliver the political solution necessary for Iraq's stability," Reid said. "A change of course in Iraq is long overdue, and Congress will continue to fight for that change in the coming weeks."
Nice of the old media to make sure they get several Democrats views of a really great speech by George W. Bush. Wake up America has full coverage of the President's speech.
  • Very good speech. All morning we saw the media spin machine with stories of how Bush was going to "Invoke Vietnam" in his speech today, and he did, he also spoke about the Korean War, he discussed the similarities as well as the was a good speech.
And, if you have the time, spree has several other posts up today there including four 30 second T.V. ads that Vets for Freedom will be running in some states. There's also an interesting one about some major political progress in Iraq that I'm looking into. Bill Roggio has some stuff I need to read through on that also. I'll post something if I find something spree hasn't covered. There's also a great story of an Iraqi hero that's well worth reading, too.

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