Sunday, August 12, 2007

Iraq update August 12, 2007

W Thomas Smith Jr over at The Tank has a post up called Good News and Operational Energy:
  • AL TAQADDUM — There is so much more to the story of Iraq — specifically Al Anbar — that I've yet to have time to get into here at "The Tank:" Good news about amazing progress that I can't wait to explain once I begin my more detailed NRO stories over the coming weeks
Over at Black Five, Uncle Jimbo has a post up with a video you need to see called A serious Marine answers the call.
  • I would love to meet this kid. Not only is his message brilliant, but his delivery is stunning. Every time I wonder a bit about our country, somebody like this pops up to remind us what we are really about.
Badger 6 over at Badgers Forward has a post up with a link to an ABC report about Ambassador Crocker walking around Ramadi without a vest.
  • In truth I would not want to be the one making that decision, but it came off just fine so there you go.

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